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Eikon For

Portfolio managers and analysts

  • Monitor the impact of market movements on portfolios and lists
  • Access the research you need from all major research providers
  • Construct portfolios and align them with investment objectives
  • Perform risk valuation and stress-test your portfolios

Investment research

  • Track market movements and stay on top of earnings season
  • Generate investment opportunities and ideas
  • Analyze securities efficiently and accurately
  • Update financial models effectively, without errors

Investment bankers

  • Stay ahead of the market, even when you’re on the road
  • Identify transaction targets and establish a view of the most likely buyers and investors
  • Monitor deals flow and develop custom league tables
  • Access the best investment research efficiently

Sales and trading

  • Streamline your workflow with an end-to-end, multi-asset global trading solution
  • Get a unique perspective and develop a differentiated view
  • Better understand the macro picture to time trades right and take profitable positions early
  • Research new prospects, build your network and grow your business
  • Conduct efficient commodities pre-trade analysis and research

Wealth managers

  • Grow trading volume and increase margins
  • Increase productivity with simplified workflows and enhanced connectivity
  • Generate actionable investment ideas and provide better investment advice
  • Identify profitable investment trends and potential returns for your clients

Corporate treasury

  • Optimize short-term liquidity versus long-term borrowing with access to the widest range of information
  • Access unique insight into cross-asset financial risk factors
  • Optimize your hedging with independent, market-standard analytics
  • Develop an independent view of counterparty/credit/default risk for all your major trading partners
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