Execitve Learning & Development Programme

Opportunities to the executives to learn and incorporate the latest developments in the world of management with experts from academia and industry across the globe as faculty resources.

Executive Learning & Development

Executive Learning and Development (ELD) Programs developed by IMT Ghaziabad provides unique opportunities to the executives to learn and incorporate the latest developments in the world of management. Faculty resources for MDPs at IMT Ghaziabad are the experts from academia and industry across the globe, and they enrich these programs with their unique practical experiences and international depth.

The Management Development Programs of IMT Ghaziabad are application based which helps the participants carry with them the vital concepts to support their experiences, which they can apply to their work.

In sync with the customized needs of the organizations, generally the duration of the sponsored programs varies from two to fifteen days. But depending on client requirement, the duration can be longer. In recent times we are also specializing on weekend programs, in which participants are attending classes over weekends and are associated with us for a longer period; say 6 months to one year, for the certificate programs. We have developed programs on various fields, which includes, leadership, HRM, marketing, business strategy, finance, accounting, taxation, or even consulting.

IMT believes in the concept of ‘Lifelong Learning’. Therefore, besides the customized corporate programs we also provide short duration open programs or workshops. The list of programs for the year 2013-14 has already been announced. The program includes Senior Management Program on leadership and international strategies, which will also provide the participants exposure to international business and strategies through company visits and academic inputs abroad.

Building on the competency of the faculty, IMT Ghaziabad is a pioneer in the approach to ELD/ MDP programs. We work in partnership and collaboration, where academicians conduct in-depth research on relevant business challenge or process and revert to the industry with their findings. On the other hand Industry provides us with data, and we design and develop strategies and processes for them. This win-win model helps us work closely with industry and understand their strategic needs.


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