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Leading Customer Experience
6 – 7 February, 2020

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Leadership in Dynamic Environment
21 – 22 November, 2019

Executive Education

The ExEd team at IMT Ghaziabad (IMTG) aims at creating a virtuous cycle of academic value creation, where corporate leaders, learning and development professionals and academics come together to create meaningful experiences for managers and leaders. The executive programmes and the company collaborations lead to the formation of a body of knowledge which is not only industry relevant but also enables formulation of cutting-edge programmes catering to the future needs of the industry. The Executive programmes of the Institute are aimed to co-create partnerships with the industry, government, and social sector.

All the programmes are customised to the requirement of the industry and are based on extensive research specific to the sector and the company. Depending on needs, the duration of the sponsored programmes varies from a few days to long-term modular certifications.

Building on the competency of the faculty members, IMTG is a pioneer in the approach to Executive Learning & Development Programmes. Working in close partnership with industry, academics conduct in-depth research on relevant business challenges or processes and revert to the industry with their findings. On the other hand, the industry provides us with data, and we design and develop strategies and process for them. This win-win model helps us work closely with industry and understand their strategic needs. The faculty associated gets enriched from the prescriptive knowledge derived out of the practical experiences of the participants and understanding of the organisations.

The pedagogical approach of ‘Doing leading to Knowing’ and underlying philosophy of the Executive Programmes is to maintain the right balance between knowledge and skills, combining a strong conceptual base with exposure to contemporary practices


IMTG possesses world-class infrastructure at its campus, including secure Wi-Fi connections, state-of-the-art computer centre, one of the best libraries a B-School could have with more than 50,000 titles, access to digital resources, and a huge database which will be available to every participant in our Executive Learning and Development (ELD) Programmes.

The classrooms are equipped with modern amenities to facilitate an enhanced learning experience.

It has syndicate rooms and an exclusive Executive Hostel that comfortably houses up to 60 participants at a time in air-conditioned guestrooms with in-house dining facility.

The institute is strategically located in Delhi-NCR (Just an hour drive from New Delhi Airport).

IMTG Advantage

For over 30 years, executive seeking big ideas, fresh perspectives and innovative tools have turned to IMTG. Many of them are business leaders who seek to upgrade themselves with the latest developments in the business world. It is for these pursuant of perfection that IMTG has developed the ELD programmes.

MDP at IMT Ghaziabad

While IMTG has several key factors that work to its advantage, some advantages need specific mention. They distinguish IMTG, setting it apart and make it a premier destination for executive education. These defining factors are:

  • IMTG is among the top fifteen B-Schools in India across rankings
  • IMTG is one of the five AACSB accredited management schools in India with a distinct focus on grooming leadership through Innovation, Execution and Social Responsibility
  • The institute is strategically located near Delhi (Just one hour drive from Delhi Airport).
  • IMTG possesses a lush green, eco-friendly and world-class campus with very comfortable living facilities. The residential blocks are fully air-conditioned, furnished and equipped with Wi-Fi facility.
  • Distinguished national and international faculty known for meeting challenges head-on. They possess clearly defined research abilities, unmatched knowledge and capability that deliver a depth of perfect customisation based on individual organisational needs.
  • IMTG’s unparalleled international institutional alliances are the largest in India. The institute possesses a strong network with the industry, public sector and government functionaries, facilitating a wide range of social and industry interactions for participants.

Open Management Development Programs


S.No.Name of ProgramDatesDuration (in days)Program Fee    (in Rs.)*Program DirectorVenue
1.Crafting an Effective Social Media Strategy22 – 23 August, 2019218000-Non Res.Prof. Bikramjit RishiIMT Ghaziabad
2.Finance Acumen for Non-Finance Executives05 – 06 September, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Barnali Chaklader; and Prof. Puja Aggarwal GulatiIMT Ghaziabad
3.Value Based Selling28 – 29 September, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Rakesh Kumar SinghIMT Ghaziabad
4.Developing Self for Success16 – 18 October, 2019318000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Bindu Gupta and Prof. Richa SaxenaIMT Ghaziabad
5.Building a Customer Oriented Culture24 – 25 October 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Bikramjit Rishi; and     Prof. Sapna PopliIMT Ghaziabad
6.Fostering Diversity and Inclusion at Workplace24 – 25 October 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Richa SaxenaIMT Ghaziabad
7.Managing High Performance Teams04 – 05 November, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Bindu Gupta and Prof. Richa SaxenaIMT Ghaziabad
8.Leading Customer Experience06-07 February, 2020218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Sapna Popli and Prof. Bikramjit RishiIMT Ghaziabad
9.Leadership in Dynamic Environment21 – 22 November, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Richa SaxenaIMT Ghaziabad
10.Managing Responsibility Centers22 – 23 November, 2019225000 -Non Res.Prof. Puja Aggarwal Gulati ; and Prof. Barnali ChakladerJaypee Vasant Continental, Vasant Vihar
11.Effective Selling Skills28 -29 November, 2019221000-Res.Prof. Bikramjit Rishi and  Prof. Rakesh K SinghIMT Ghaziabad
12.Managerial Accounting for
Young Managers
29 – 30 November, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Puja Aggarwal Gulati and Prof. Barnali ChakladerIMT Ghaziabad
13.Digital Business Strategy05 – 07 December, 2019225000-Res.Prof. Surinder BatraIMT Ghaziabad
14.Marketing for Non-marketing Managers21 – 22 January, 2020218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Harvinder SinghIMT Ghaziabad
15.Data Science for Leaders17 – 19 February, 2020335000-Res.Prof. Aritra Pan and        Prof. Nikunj JainIMT Ghaziabad
16.Data Science in Business02 – 06 March, 2020545000-Res.Prof. Aritra Pan and        Prof. Nikunj JainIMT Ghaziabad

Custom Programs

One size does not fit all. The IMTG ELD Programme is not the traditional generic management development programmes. Each programme is designed to suit the organizations training and development need. Time is spent in extensive client and participant meetings to understand the organizational context, competency’s that need development, and place the program within the organizations learning and development vision for employees. . IMTG’s ELD Programmes prepare managers & executives for scaling new levels of achievement and excellence in their careers and organisations.

Short term Customised Corporate Programmes

IMTG Programmes are based on training need analysis conducted by organisations or us. Successful businesses know that investing in the next generation of leaders is critical to sustaining competitive advantage and achieving corporate growth over the long term. To achieve relevant impact, the CCPs are built to work on areas identified for expert interventions. IMTG has conducted CCPs with numerous Public and Private sector companies in all major functional areas and strategic leadership issues. Duration of CCPs vary from 3 to 15 days and are meant to address the mid to top level executives within a company.

Some of the recent programmes under EEP initiatives of IMTG are:

  • Leadership Development Program for Women Executives of MECON Ltd. 2019
  • Strategic Customer Management for Executives of RITES Ltd., 2019
  • REACH for Maruti NEXA Quality Managers, 2018-19
  • Sales Leadership Program for General Managers – Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (Multiple Batches-2018-19)
  • IGNITE for Maruti- Nexa TDMs (Multiple Batches- 2018-19)
  • Future Leader’s Programme for Hero MotoCorp Ltd. (Multiple Batches- 2018)
  • Project Appraisal Financing for Executives of NHPC Ltd. 2018
  • Aspire Programme for Apollo Tyres. 2018
  • General Management Program for Executives of Airport Authority of India, 2018

Long-Term Customised Programmes

IMTG customises the comprehensive general management programme to develop future leaders and capitalise business opportunities by working closely on strategic decision points. These programmes are transformative and unique to each assignment. Yet, each of them holds one promise: a radical improvement in performance of executives. IMTG provides flexible programmes for young executives who would undergo long duration (6 -9 months) executive programmes on a modular basis over long periods. These general management programmes are conducted at IMTG campus or client’s venues.

Some of the recent programmes under EEP initiatives of IMTG are:

  • Post Graduate Program in Management with specialization Sales & Digital Marketing,  in association with  UpGrad , 2018-19
  • Post Graduate Certificate Program in Data Science and Big Data in association with Nulearn, 2019

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