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Established in 2006, IMT Dubai is a premium business school in the UAE, which is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, UAE, the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

IMT Dubai is also a member of prestigious international accrediting bodies, such as European Foundation for Management, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), the European Foundation for Management (EFMD), Supply Chain & Logistics Group (SCLG) and Indian Business & Professional Council Dubai (IBPC Dubai).





The MBA program offers students the relevant disciplinary knowledge, helps to develop managerial skills, and gain business ethics with positive professional attitude. The program offers students experiential learning opportunities to learn in real world settings outside the classroom. They attain the ability to analyze and solve problems through critical and creative thinking. Leadership and teamwork skills are enhanced during the tenure of the program. Students are given the opportunity to choose eight electives of their choice. Electives offered are updated regularly to keep up with market trends and demands based on changes in the industry. The curriculum maintains the right balance between knowledge and skills combining a strong conceptual base with exposure to contemporary practices.


The MBA program at IMT Dubai is crafted for aspirants who want to be future global managers and business leaders. IMT Dubai reviews and revises its programs regularly to gauge and enhance their quality to ensure relevance and effectiveness. The two-year journey of students starts with an orientation program to make them ready for a rigorous but rewarding and transformative experience. It is followed by course work that includes a portfolio of learning tools such as cases, seminars, workshops, simulations, presentations, and role plays. Within two years, students work with companies as interns and contribute to company projects acting as professional executives.


Student exchange programs in the United Kingdom (UK), France, Portugal, Brazil, Morocco, Belgium, Germany, and the United States of America (USA).
Industry interface through internship and company projects.
Middle-East Immersion incorporated into the program.
Placement assistance upon graduation.
Double Degree program opportunities.
Lab based training.


  • International Banking and Finance
  • Marketing and Retail Management
  • Projects and Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management


  • Academic Standing: 3-years full time Bachelor’s degree with 50% or equivalent. Bachelor’s Part time/Correspondence/Distance Learning not allowed.
  • Proficiency in English: Applicant must also demonstrate English Language proficiency by providing IELTS with minimum overall 6 bands / TOEFL with minimum score of 79 (Internet based) or 550 (Paper based) / PTE with minimum overall score of 52. If scores are not available at the time of application, candidate should take the test before leaving for IMT Dubai, if selected.


1. Outstanding Faculty
The quality of a business school is best defined by its faculty. At IMT Dubai, the faculty is the living embodiment of the school’s strategic priorities: dynamic, inquisitive, and constantly striving to help students achieve their scholarly goals. All faculty members at IMT hold PhD degrees in their areas of specialization from esteemed universities and are experts in their fields. IMT’s faculty bring their experiences in the business world into the classroom to show how theory translates into practice.
2. Practical, Market-Driven Curriculum
The MBA program at IMT Dubai is designed to launch students into their career by combining strong theoretical concepts with an exposure to current practices and trends in business. A number of learning tools are employed in your course, including but not limited to role-play, case studies, project work, field work, assignments, quizzes, seminars and industry visits. Aside from the courses, workshops are also conducted on personality development, career dynamics and self-assessment and business simulation.
3. Career Advancement Services
Our dedicated team of professionals are here to guide you through your career transition. At IMT Dubai you receive specialized services, one-to-one guided interviews, career readiness training and personal development. Over the course of your MBA, you develop a very real world approach to career development and gain the skills that employers want, especially abroad.
4. Campus Facilities
IMT Dubai’s state of the art campus is located in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), a special purpose zone that hosts universities and other learning institutions. In a campus spread over 250,000 square feet, IMT Dubai offers superior academic, entertainment and residential facilities. Student accommodation is located within the campus which will enable you to have a full university experience.
5. International Exchange Program
International Exchange: The International Exchange Program at IMT Dubai reflects our commitment to global education by facilitating students to spend a part of study with our overseas partner universities. We have signed various agreements with our partners for one or two semesters, double degrees or progression into higher degrees. The exchange program is available to both levels -MBA and BSBA
6. Summer internships
The Summer Internship Program is the perfect way for companies to sample the quality of IMT talent. Each student is required to undergo for a two to three months of summer training at leading corporations by undertaking a project of direct relevance to the concerned organization. Students are expected to provide value to the organization through their work and application of knowledge gained through classrooms.Subsequently, at the completion of the internships, students prepare a comprehensive report, and deliver a formal presentation to a combined academic and industry panel.
7. Accommodation
IMT-Dubai is proud to be in its own purpose built campus located at Dubai Academic City. In a sprawling campus spread over a total of 250,000 square feet, the institute is equipped with world class infrastructure and facilities.The residences at IMT-Dubai offer students a safe and comfortable living environment. Living areas are segregated for men and women. The campus has the capacity to accommodate 600 students, of which half are for single occupancy and rest for twin sharing. The residences also have common dining facilities, television rooms and games facilities. 
8. Placements
Our career services team offer invaluable support, guidance and resources to our students for achieving their career goals. In the year 2016, IMT Dubai hosted 50+ recruiters for final placements from diverse industries like Information Technology & Services, Market Research, Retail, Investment Banking, Healthcare, Consumer Goods and many more. Some of the prominent organizations where our 2014-16 MBA students secured placements are AMI Middle East, Seven Seas LLC, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, DM Healthcare, Que Capital, B.M.A International, UAE Exchange, World Compliance Technologies, CEB, Redington Gulf, HILTI, TNS Global, among others.




1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and when you joined IMT Dubai?
I joined IMT Dubai 6 months ago from Paris, where I was the Director of a Business School. Prior to that, my career was international. I worked and lived in Canada, France, Australia, Oman and Malaysia. Most of my career was in higher education, with earlier the creation of a start-up when I was 17 years old. Since then, I have always been involved in developing entrepreneurship initiatives in higher education and elsewhere.
2. How do you define the Education industry in Dubai? What are the opportunities and challenges you face in this market?
The higher education industry in Dubai is thriving and this makes it very interesting. There are two types of institutions: the ones accredited by the Ministry (like us) and the others, mostly as international branch campuses. The higher education industry in Dubai is at the image of the city: growing fast, very international and very oriented towards quality. There are plenty of opportunities here and it’s great to be able to be part of this dynamic environment.
3. We know that IMT is accredited by MOHESR, why is that important? What are the advantages of being accredited?
Being accredited first means that the quality of education students receive is regularly monitored in depth. IMT Dubai is audited yearly and any changes or new programs are carefully checked with the Ministry before we get their approval. This ensures that the education students receive is of high quality and on par with international standards. On top of this, getting an accredited degree is a must to work for a public or semi-public organization in Dubai. Finally, an accredited degree gives an easy recognition abroad if students want to pursue their studies in another country.
4. Please share your views on the evolution and innovation of the IMT programs. We heard that there is a new program launching soon? Can you share with us more information?

IMT is regularly revising its programs to make sure that graduates are always industry-ready. We get regularly inputs from our alumni and from our corporate partners and design our programs based on their recommendations. One good example is the Master in Supply Chain and Logistics Management that we are launching in January with the support of professional associations and which corresponds very well to the development of this industry in Dubai and the region.

We are also adding to all our programs various activities related to the development of soft skills, creativity, innovation, project management, professional communication, along with sessions on personal and professional development, career development, design of CVs, how to make the best impression to recruiters, etc… It is linked also to having lots of corporates on campus; about once a week, we have a corporate event to help students connect better to the industry.

5. What makes IMT Dubai a top Business School in the UAE and worldwide?

IMT Dubai has proven for the past 11 years that it is able to transform students into professionals and managers in different industries; our 1000+ alumni are a living testimonial to this. We have a top notch international faculty, 100% have a doctoral degree and they come from various countries; India, France, Malaysia, Lebanon, Sweden, New Zealand, among others.


6. Who should come to study at IMT Dubai?
We welcome all students from undergraduate to executive level from all over the globe! Our programs are designed to transform individuals into industry ready professionals. Of course, students need to work hard at IMT Dubai, however they will have lots of opportunities to plan fun academic and social activities through the various campus student clubs and committees that we consider fundamental to complement their studies.
7. You have been an inspiration for IMT Dubai since you joined, please share how have you managed to be a continuous learning expert to the staff and students — Tell us more about your management strategy in the Education Industry.
For the past 25 years, I have been an intrapreneur in higher education, always trying and developing new projects and ideas. I work for a business school, which is about learning and I apply that to myself also; continuously learning from the successes and even more from the past mistakes to make our business school better. It is very important to maintain a high level of motivation amongst the team members, and we have a great team at IMT Dubai!
8. Please share your experience and strategy towards the UN Global Impact Initiative just signed by IMT Dubai

IMT Dubai became recently a member of the UN Global impact initiative and PRIME; Principles for Responsible Management Education. Managers and future managers cannot anymore ignore the environment and the impact of their decisions on their surroundings and beyond.

Responsible management means that our students are trained on ethics, corporate social responsibility, and the future of the planet. It is a must nowadays and we are proud to be one of the few institutions in the UAE to be part of these initiatives.

9. What in your opinion is the future of education?
This is a very large question! For the past few years, we have seen the fast development of other forms of education, with MOOCs, and online learning. It has pros and cons and the idea that it would totally change the higher education landscape very quickly is not true for the moment. We still have a majority of students who want to come to a classroom setting and learn from and with their peers. New ways of teaching are of course important, and at IMT Dubai, we use them: we have smartboards, we use Blackboard, smart e-books, etc… We are very much aware of the evolution of the technology in higher education, but for degree-seeking students it seems that the face-to-face format is still in-demand. Concerning higher education in the UAE, we are very excited to be part of it. It is developing very fast and Dubai is certainly one of the best places for higher education for us, and for students of course!



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