Lists of Journals

Name of the Journal Frequency ISSN Access
Abhigyan Q 0970-2385 Print
Advances in Developing Human Resources Q 1523-4223 Print + Online
Arthshastra BM 2278-1811 Print
ASCI Journal of Management HY 0257-8069 Print + Online
Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation Q 2319-510X Print + Online
Asian Economic Review, The Q 0004-4555 Print
Asian Journal of Management Cases  HY 0972-8201 Print + Online
Asian Journal of Professional Ethics & Management  Q 2349-1434 Print + Online
Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics HY 0972-3986 Print
Bank Quest Q 0019-4921 Print
Business and Professional Communication Quarterly Q 1080-5699 Print + Online
Business Perspective and Research  HY 2278-5337 Print + Online
Business Review HY 1990-6584 Print
Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin HY 0008-0683 Print + Online
Case Folio Q 0972-5350 Print
Chartered Accountant, The   M 0009-188X Print + Online
Chartered Secretary M 0972-1983 Print + Online
China Report Q 0009-4455 Print + Online
Corporate Law Adviser FRNT 0970-8987 Print
Decision Q 0304-0941 Print + Online
Decision Analysis Q 1545-8490 Print + Online
Development and Cooperation BM Print
Drilling & Exploration World DEW M 0971-7242 Print
Economic Affairs Q 0424-2513 Print + Online
Effective Executive  Q 0972-5172 Print + Online
Emerging Economy Studies HY 2394-9015 Print + Online
Energy Future Q 2278-7186 Print + Online
Environment BM 0013-9157 Print
Finance India Q 0970-3772 Print
Financial Planning Journal BM Print
Foreign Policy BM 0015-7228 Print + Online
Foreign Trade Review Q 0015-7325 Print + Online
Global Business and Economic Review HY Print
Global Business Review BM 0972-1509 Print + Online
Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies 3/Y 0974-9101 Print + Online
Harvard Business Review M Print + Online
Harvard International Review Q 0739-1854 Print + Online
Human Resource Development Review  Q 1534-4843 Print + Online
IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review HY 2277-9752 Print + Online
IIMB Management Review  Q 0970-3896 Print + Online
IMT Case Journal HY 2229-6743 Print
India Economy Review M Print
India Quarterly Q 0974-9284 Print + Online
Indian Accounting Review HY 0972-1754 Print
Indian Economic and Social History Review Q 0019-4646 Print + Online
Indian Economic Journal, The Q 0019-4662 Print + Online
Indian Infrastructure M Print
Indian Journal of Corporate Governance  HY 0974-6862 Print + Online
Indian Journal of Economics & Business 3/Y 0972-5784 Print
Indian Journal of Economics, The Q 0019-5170 Print
Indian Journal of Finance M 0973-8711 Print
Indian Journal of Financial Market HY 4845-2112 Print
Indian Journal of Gender studies 3/Y 0971-5215 Print + Online
Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, The Q 0019-5286 Print
Indian Journal of Labour Economics, The Q 0971-7927 Print
Indian Journal of Marketing M 0973-8703 Print
Indian Journal of Training & Development Q 0971-5592 Print
Information Systems Research  Q 1047-7047 Print + Online
Informs Journal on Computing  Q 1091-9856 Print + Online
Informs Transactions on Education (Online) 3/Y Online Online
Intereconomics BM 0020-5346 Print + Online
Interfaces BM 0092-2102 Print + Online
International Journal of Business Communication Q 0021-9436 Print + Online
International Journal of Cross Cultural Management 3/Y 1470-5958 Print + Online
International Journal of Rural Management HY 0973-0052 Print + Online
International Labour Review Q 0020-7780 Print + Online
ISST: Journal of Advances in Librarianship HY 0976-9021 Print + Online
IUP Journal of Accounting Research & Audit Practice Q 0972-690X Print + Online
IUP Journal of Applied Finance Q 0972-5105 Print + Online
IUP Journal of Business Strategy Q 0972-9259 Print + Online
IUP Journal of Corporate Governance Q 0972-6853 Print + Online
IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management Q 0972-916X Print + Online
IUP Journal of Information Technology Q 0973-2896 Print
IUP Journal of Knowledge Management Q 0972-9216 Print + Online
IUP Journal of Marketing Management Q 0972-6845 Print + Online
IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior Q 0972-687X Print + Online
IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management Q 0972-9267 Print + Online
Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research HY 2454-9509 Print
Journal of Creating Values HY 2394-9643 Print + Online
Journal of Creative Communications 3/Y 0973-2586 Print + Online
Journal of Education for Sustainable Development HY 0973-4082 Print + Online
Journal of Emerging Market Finance 3/Y 0972-6527 Print + Online
Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Emerging Economies  HY 2393-9575 Print + Online
Journal of Entrepreneurship, The HY 0971-3557 Print + Online
Journal of Financial Management and Analysis HY 0970-4205 Print
Journal of Health Management Q 0972-0634 Print + Online
Journal of Human Value  3/Y 0971-6858 Print + Online
Journal of Infrastructure Development HY 0974-9306 Print + Online
Journal of Intellectual Property Rights BM 0971-7544 Print + Online
Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics HY 0260-1079 Print + Online
Journal of International Economic Studies A 0911-1247 Print
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies Q 1548-0518 Print + Online
Journal of Management (JOM) BM 0149-2063 Print + Online
Journal of Statistics & Management Systems BM 0972-0510 Print
Journal of The Indian Academy of Applied Psychology HY 0019-4247 Print
Journal of World Economic Review, The HY 0973-4368 Print
Labour Law Journal M Print
Lahore Journal of Economics, The HY 1811-5438 Print
Management Accountant, The M 0972-3528 Print + Online
Management and Labour Studies Q 0258-042X Print + Online
Management Science M 0025-1909 Print + Online
Manufacturing & Services Operations Management  Q 1523-4614 Print + Online
Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research Q 0973-8010 Print + Online
Marketing Science  BM 0732-2399 Print + Online
Material Management Review M 2320-0758 Print
Mathematics of Operations Research  Q 0364-765X Print + Online
Metamorphosis: A Journal of Management Research HY 0972-6225 Print + Online
Millennial Asia HY 0976-3996 Print + Online
MIT Sloan Management Review Q Print + Online
MIT Technology Review (USA) BM Print + Online
Operations Research  BM 0030-364X Print + Online
OpSearch Q 0030-3887 Print + Online
Organization Science BM 1047-7039 Print + Online
Paradigm HY 0971-8907 Print + Online
Prabandhan : Indian Journal of Management M 0975-2854 Print
Prajnan : Journal of Social and Management Sciences Q 0970-8448 Print
Productivity Q 0032-9924 Print + Online
Psychology and Developing Society HY 0971-3336 Print + Online
Reserve Bank of India Bulletin M Print + Online
Review of Market Integration 3/Y 0974-9292 Print + Online
Science, Technology and Society 3/Y 0971-7218 Print + Online
SCMS Journal of Indian Management Q 0973-3167 Print + Online
SEBI & Corporate Laws FRNT 0972-818X Print
Service Science (Online) Q Online Online
South Asian Economic Journal  HY 1391-5614 Print + Online
South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases HY 2277-9779 Print + Online
South Asian Journal of Human Resource Management HY 2322-0937 Print + Online
South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance HY 2277-9787 Print + Online
South Asian Journal of Management  Q 0971-5428 Print + Online
South Asian Journal of Socio-Political Studies HY 0972-4613 Print
SRELS Journal of Information Management BM 0972-2467 Print
Strategy + Business Q 1083-706X Print
Strategy Science Q 2333-2050 Print + Online
Studies in Microeconomics HY 2321-0222 Print + Online
Taxmann W 0972-8198 Print
Teaching Statistics 3/Y 0141-982X Print
Terra Green M 0971-5688 Print
Transportation Science  Q 0041-1655 Print + Online
Udyog Pragati: The Journal of Practising Managers Q 0970-3365 Print
University News W 0566-2257 Print
Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers Q 0256-0909 Print + Online
Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective Q 0972-2629 Print + Online
Voice of Research Q 2277-7733 Print
Workforce Management M 2331-2793 Print + Online
Yojana M 0971-8400 Print
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