Promoting Traditional Games

Bundelkhand Region

Bundelkhand University and IMT Ghaziabad have collaborated and signed a Memorandum of Understanding to discover and promote traditional sports in the country. The MoU was signed virtually by Dr. Mukesh Pandey, Vice-Chancellor of Bundelkhand University, and Dr. Vishal Talwar, Director of IMT Ghaziabad. Dr. Vishal Talwar also stated that IMT is conducting ongoing research to make sports a culture.

“While the government has several policies to promote sports, there has been no focus on traditional sports,” said Dr. Kanishka Pandey, Founder of Sports a Way of Life and Head of Sports Research at IMT Ghaziabad. Traditional sports, according to Dr. Kanishka Pandey, are the origins of modern sports. As a result, special recognition is required in addition to promoting and revitalizing traditional sports. These points will be taken into account in this Agreement.
He stated that the two institutes will collaborate on various projects in the Bundelkhand region. These will include a study of the current state of sports, a review of sports literacy, sports promotion measures, the status of Olympic-related sports, and promotional efforts.

He stated that no university and management institute had ever collaborated before to promote traditional sports. This is a significant accomplishment, according to Vishal Talwar, and both universities will undoubtedly succeed in it. Dr. CP Singh and Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh were among the numerous individuals in attendance.

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