National Sports Assembly

Monsoon Session

Monsoon Session of the National Sports Assembly was jointly organized by IMT Ghaziabad and Sports: A way of Life in IMT Ghaziabad on 13th July 2022. This assembly session was attended by 16 Distinguished Sports Luminaries across different sports. Five reforms were proposed by Sports Research Centre of IMT Ghaziabad. After in-depth discussions and deliberations, all the proposals were put to vote. All the five proposals were passed by the assembly by a unanimous vote.

Proposal 1

A new Bachelors in Sports Program should be started in the existing Universities.

 There should be more focus on utilizing the existing infrastructure and established system of the Universities. If universities can provide the students best infrastructure in term of modern classrooms, good libraries, state of the art research apparatus then why can’t the Universities provide best facilities for upcoming future sports persons. 

Proposal 2

Separate section or atleast one chapter on sports / eminent sports personalities / Indian Olympians / Glorious moments of Indian Sports / Indian Women Sportspersons / Indian Sports Awards should be included in English and Hindi School text books in the school level right from class 1 to class 12th.

Proposal 3

The schools should ensure the availability of minimum number of Sports Literature in their libraries.

Proposal 4

In Kanishka Pandey vs Union of India ( Diary no. 1636/2018), a plea to recognize Sports as a Fundamental Right under Article 21A, focus should be brought back on Sports Literacy and Sports as a fundamental Right and not Physical Literacy. Physical education or Physical Literacy is a small part of Sports Literacy therefore to say that Sports is just a small part of Physical Education or Physical Literacy is incorrect and it demeans and degrades the value of Sports.

Proposal 5

A system should be developed to study various tribes, promote sports culture and establish a system for talent extraction and promotion in the tribal belts of India.

National Sports Assembly

National Sports Assembly is the first of its kind initiative of IMT Ghaziabad. National Sports Assembly will be a permanent body which will meet every year in not more than 6 months, i.e. twice a year. Whole purpose of the assembly will be to devise suggestions for Central Government or various State Governments for improvement in sports performance.

The assembly will bring out a white paper on improvement of Sports Culture at the end of every sitting. The suggestions will be compiled, seconded by the assembly members and the same will be handed over to the Sports Ministry in Central Government.

Structure of the Assembly: The Assembly will have:

  1. Chairman – Director IMT Ghaziabad
  2. Chief Proposer – Head – Sports Research Centre, IMT Ghaziabad – Kanishka Pandey
  3. Leader of the Assembly – Senior most sports personality.
  4. Deputy Leader of the Assembly – 2nd Senior most sports personality.
  5. Members of Assembly.

Note -These will be on rotational basis

Previous Session Highlights

In the inaugural session, five reforms were proposed by Head Sports Research Centre:

Reforms Proposed

  1. Compulsory inclusion of questions on Sports in admission form at nursery
  2. Save the
  3. Attach at least 1 Sports expert with Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative
  4. Promote Sports Culture in Sanskrit Pathshala and Urdu
  5. At Least 1 Model Sports Village in every

Out of these 4 were passed unanimously:

  1. Compulsory inclusion of questions on Sports in admission form at nursery
  2. Save the
  3. Attach at least 1 Sports expert with Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative
  4. At Least 1 Model Sports Village in every
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