Library Membership

Those who intend to use the library facilities are required to enroll themselves as members of the library by filling the prescribed form and library membership card. The form must recommend or approved by the respective head of the Department.

The following are entitled to enroll themselves as members of the library:

  1. Enrolled Students of IMT, Ghaziabad
  2. Faculty Members
  3. Adjunct Faculty Members
  4. Visiting Faculty
  5. Officer & Staff
  6. Academic & Faculty Associates


External Membership Services

IMT Ghaziabad offers library membership to external ‘Research Scholar’ and ‘Alumni of IMT Ghaziabad’ to facilitate their access to library resources. This membership services will entitle you to access IMT-Ghaziabad library for reference/consultation purposes.


Membership Category Guidelines & Application Form
Research Scholar
M.Phil. / Ph. D. Students
Alumni of IMT Ghaziabad
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