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Deriving Strategic Values from Business Environment

IMT Ghaziabad offers open program on “Deriving Strategic Values from Business Environment” from 18-19 April, 2024. | Register/Nominate and block your slot @ | Refer the program details under the section open program calendar.


Open Programs are designed to offer learning opportunities in core  and upcoming areas of work in organizations. The short-term training programs are designed for working professionals who wish to upgrade their managerial skills and knowledge along with an opportunity to learn from across industries. The Open MDPs are offered to executives and managers of different companies, both public and private. The programs are carefully designed on topical themes to create value for participants from diverse backgrounds. These programs are offered to help executives who are in the transitory phase of their career in various areas of specialization. Registration is open to individuals as well as corporates. L&D and HR teams can also nominate participants for these programs.

Open Program Calendar 2024-25


Sl. No Program Title PDF Duration
(in Days)
Program Director(s) Residential Program Fee/Participant(INR) Excluding GST Program Date Training Mode
1 Managing High-performance Teams Two Prof. Bindu Gupta and
Prof. Richa Saxena
25,000 2-3 April 2024 Offline
2 Value Merchants-A Transformational Journey for B2B Salespeople One Prof. Rakesh Kumar Singh 25,000 10,17 April, 2024 Offline
3 Deriving Strategic Values from Business Environment Two Prof. Subhajit Bhattacharyya and Prof. Manas Paul 25,000 18-19 April, 2024 Offline
4 Project Management Three Prof. Mrinalini Shah 35,000 13-15 March, 2024 and 14-16 August, 2024 Offline
5 Informed Decision Making: Blending Financial and Cost Data for Superior Results Two Prof. Ashish Varma 25,000 9-10 May, 2024 Offline
6 Supply Chain Modelling & Analytics Three Prof. Mrinalini Shah 35,000 15-17 May, 2024 Offline
7 Decision Making under Uncertainty Two Prof. Mrinalini Shah 25,000 13-14 June, 2024 Offline
8 Branding for the Mind and the Senses   Two Prof. Abhigyan Sarkar & Prof. Juhi Gahlot Sarkar 25,000 20-21 June, 2024 Offline
9 Mobile Engagement and Marketing Two Prof. Abhishek 25,000 6-7 July, 2024 Offline
10 Communication: Learning to Persuade & Influence Two Prof. Shailja Aggarwal 25,000 18-19 July, 2024 Offline
11 Unlocking The Power of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) at Workplace Two Prof. Richa Saxena and Prof. Swati 25,000 TBA Offline
12 Text Analytics and Machine Learning for Business Managers Two Prof. Santosh Kumar Srivastava 25,000 TBA Offline
13 Introduction to Decision Models in Business Decision Making Two Prof. Kaustov Chakraborty and
Prof. Gunjan Malhotra
25,000 TBA Offline
1 Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers Two Prof. Jishnu Changkakoti and
Prof.  Elkana Ezekiel
25,000 19-20 January 2024 and 31 Jan – 1 Feb 2024 Offline
2 Digital Supply Chain Strategy Two Prof. Mrinalini Shah 25,000 1-2 February 2024 Online/Offline
3 Decoding the Language of Sustainability for Organizational Decision Making  Two Prof. Neha Arora and
Prof. Vinayak Ram Tripathi
25,000 18-19 January, 2024 Online/Offline
4 Leading Customer Experience Two Prof. Sapna Popli 25,000 19-20 January, 2024 Offline

Please Note:

  • A decision about online/offline mode will be made based on response of the participants.
  • All IMT alumni are eligible for 20% waiver on the program fee.
  • Any Company nominating more than three executives for a program will be entitled for 15% waiver on program fee.
  • Taxes as applicable will be charged over and above the program fee.
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