Open Programs

Imparting knowledge and skills to working professionals with an opportunity to learn across Industries

Open Programs are designed to offer learning opportunities in core  and upcoming areas of work in organizations. The short-term training programs are designed for working professionals who wish to upgrade their managerial skills and knowledge along with an opportunity to learn from across industries. The Open MDPs are offered to executives and managers of different companies, both public and private. The programs are carefully designed on topical themes to create value for participants from diverse backgrounds. These programs are offered to help executives who are in the transitory phase of their career in various areas of specialization. Registration is open to individuals as well as corporates. L&D and HR teams can also nominate participants for these programs.

Open Program Calendar 2021-22

Sl. No
Name of the Program
Duration(in Days)
Program Director(s)
Residential Program Fee/Participant(INR) Excluding GST
Online Program Fee/Participant(INR) Excluding GST
Program Date
Training Mode
1Mobile Engagement and MarketingTwoProf. Abhishek25,00018,000 March 05-06, 2021ONLINE/OFFLINE
2Raising Funds from Venture CapitalTwoProf. Puneet GuptaNA18,000 April 17-18, 2021ONLINE
3Marketing Communication EssentialsTwoProf. Jishnu Changkakoti
Prof. Elkana Ezekiel
Prof. Prakash Dharmarajan
25,00018,000 April 20-21, 2021OFFLINE
4Strategic Innovation Management TwoProf. Gaurav Tikas25,000NA April 23-24, 2021OFFLINE
5Fundamentals of Research Methods for Business ExecutivesThreeDr. Bikramjit RishiNA25,000 August 5-6, 2021ONLINE
6Leading Customer ExperienceTwoProf. Bikramjit Rishi
Prof. Sapna Popli
25,00018,000 September 02-03,2021ONLINE/OFFLINE
7Supply Chain Modelling & AnalyticsThreeProf. Mrinalini ShahNA25,000November 19-21, 2021ONLINE
8Strategic Innovation Management TwoProf. Gaurav Tikas25,000NA November 26-27, 2021OFFLINE
9Sales Management ProgramThreeProf. Rakesh Singh
Prof. Deva Rangarajan
NA25,000 November 27-29, 2021ONLINE
10Finance Accumen for Non-Finance ExecutivesTwoProf. Puja Aggarwal
Prof. Barnali Chaklader
NA18,000 December 04-05, 2021ONLINE
11Enhancing Supply Chain PerformanceTwoProf. Mrinalini ShahNA18,000 December 18-19, 2021ONLINE
12Ethics and Corporate Governance ManagementThreeProf. Rashmi Aggarwal
Prof. Poonam Garg
35,00025,000 December 24-26, 2021ONLINE/OFFLINE
13Digital Platform BusinessTwoProf. Surinder BatraNA18,000 January 05-06, 2022ONLINE
14Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) and Approaches for Competitive Advantage ManagementThreeProf. Rashmi Aggarwal
Prof. Rajinder Kaur
35,00025,000 January 07-09, 2022ONLINE/OFFLINE
15Fundamentals of Research Methods for Business ExecutivesThreeProf. Bikramjit Rishi35,00025,000 January 14-16, 2022ONLINE
16Project ManagementThreeProf. Nikunj Kumar Jain
Prof. Mrinalini Shah
NA25,000January 25-27, 2022ONLINE
17Logistics and Distribution ManagementTwoProf. Mrinalini Shah25,00018,000 January 29-30, 2022ONLINE/OFFLINE
18Marketing for Fast-Track ManagersTwoProf. Jishnu Changkakoti
Prof.  Elkana Ezekiel
25,000NA February 09-10,2022OFFLINE
19Design Thinking- A Creative Approach to Problem SolvingTwoProf. Rakesh Gupta25,000NA February 12-13, 2022OFFLINE
20Strategic Pricing for Value MaximizationTwoProf. Jishnu Changkakoti
Prof.  Elkana Ezekiel
25,000NA February 17-18, 2022OFFLINE
21Communication: Learning to Persuade & InfluenceTwoProf. Shailja Aggarwal25,000NA February 19-20, 2022OFFLINE
22Managing High-Performance TeamsTwoProf. Bindu Gupta
Prof. Richa Saxena
25,000NA February 25-26, 2022OFFLINE

Please Note:

  • A decision about online/offline mode will be made based on response of the participants.
  • All IMT alumni are eligible for 20% waiver on the program fee.
  • Any Company nominating more than three executives for a program will be entitled for 15% waiver on program fee.
  • Taxes as applicable will be charged over and above the program fee.


Name of Program
Duration (in days)
Program Fee (in Rs.)*
Program Director
1.Crafting an Effective Social Media Strategy22 – 23 August, 2019218000-Non Res.Prof. Bikramjit RishiIMT Ghaziabad
2.Finance Acumen for Non-Finance Executives05 – 06 September, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Barnali Chaklader; and Prof. Puja Aggarwal GulatiIMT Ghaziabad
3.Value Based Selling28 – 29 September, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Rakesh Kumar SinghIMT Ghaziabad
4.Developing Self for Success16 – 18 October, 2019318000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Bindu Gupta and Prof. Richa SaxenaIMT Ghaziabad
5.Building a Customer Oriented Culture24 – 25 October 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Bikramjit Rishi; and     Prof. Sapna PopliIMT Ghaziabad
6.Fostering Diversity and Inclusion at Workplace24 – 25 October 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Richa SaxenaIMT Ghaziabad
7.Managing High Performance Teams04 – 05 November, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Bindu Gupta and Prof. Richa SaxenaIMT Ghaziabad
8.Leading Customer Experience06-07 February, 2020218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Sapna Popli and Prof. Bikramjit RishiIMT Ghaziabad
9.Leadership in Dynamic Environment21 – 22 November, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Richa SaxenaIMT Ghaziabad
10.Managing Responsibility Centers22 – 23 November, 2019225000 -Non Res.Prof. Puja Aggarwal Gulati ; and Prof. Barnali ChakladerJaypee Vasant Continental, Vasant Vihar
11.Effective Selling Skills28 -29 November, 2019221000-Res.Prof. Bikramjit Rishi and  Prof. Rakesh K SinghIMT Ghaziabad
12.Managerial Accounting for
Young Managers
29 – 30 November, 2019218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Puja Aggarwal Gulati and Prof. Barnali ChakladerIMT Ghaziabad
13.Digital Business Strategy05 – 07 December, 2019225000-Res.Prof. Surinder BatraIMT Ghaziabad
14.Marketing for Non-marketing Managers21 – 22 January, 2020218000 -Non Res. 21000-Res.Prof. Harvinder SinghIMT Ghaziabad
15.Data Science for Leaders17 – 19 February, 2020335000-Res.Prof. Aritra Pan and        Prof. Nikunj JainIMT Ghaziabad
16.Data Science in Business02 – 06 March, 2020545000-Res.Prof. Aritra Pan and        Prof. Nikunj JainIMT Ghaziabad
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