Blue Cubs League

Closing Ceremony

We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of the Inaugural Blue Cubs League 2023 hosted at IMT Ghaziabad! Three-month long league was successfully concluded on 19th November 2023 with a large gathering. This initiative by the All India Football Federation aimed at promoting grassroots football has been an incredible journey. With 160 matches across various age groups and the enthusiastic participation of 350 budding footballers, the impact has been phenomenal.

Kudos to Dr. Kanishka Pandey for steering this event and Prof. Nivisha Singh for their invaluable contributions. All thanks to Dr. Vishal Talwar for unwavering support and guidance. Special recognition goes to the Sports Committee and the Sports Research Centre for ensuring flawless coordination during the match days. Heartfelt gratitude for the Ghaziabad Football Association for their diligence and efforts.

This league has not only showcased budding talent but also underscored the immense potential for football at the grassroots level in India. IMT Ghaziabad is proud to be part of this impactful journey towards nurturing young talent and fostering the love for the game!”

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