Direct and Indirect Sports Therapy to Cure Depression

As per our study and analysis the patients of depression who are seeking treatment in Santosh University Psychiatry words were found to be sharing the following symptoms:-

  1. Restlessness, Anxiety, Stress
  2. Disturbed sleep
  3. Loneliness & lacking desire to interact
  4. Fatigue & Sadness
  5. Over-thinking
  6. Do not feel like working

Once these symptoms were identified, the next step involved analyzing each sport. Sports have to be reviewed from the prospective of commonality, difficulty level, team or individual and most importantly which attribute of the particular sport can be used to tackle which symptom of depression.

  1. Restlessness, Anxiety and Stress

As a part of treatment, what is required is a boost of character or personality of an individual. Patients with such symptom need to be made accustomed to the on the edge moments of life events. These win loss situations should be made a new normal for him/her. This training needs to be given in field and once these difficult or tense or stressful situations become normal for him in the field, he should be mentored for life. He will be told, if it’s normal here don’t be anxious in life when facing risky situations.

  1. Disturbed Sleep

This problem of disturbed sleep was found in few of our patients. There may be numerous reasons why patients suffer from this problem. These may be age, lifestyle, alcohol, caffeine, pain or depression. Our focus will be depression, and our aim will be to de-stress this patient before he or she goes to bed. We need to increase the physical

activity of this individual and instill peace, tranquility and positive thoughts at the time the patient sleeps.

  1. Wanting to be alone or lacking desire to interact

Feedback and continuous analysis will be done. This is another common trait of a patient of depression. As per our understanding, it is a result of personality defect and is a sign of weak character. The person in this case may be short of confidence. Our focus for this group of patients will be the boost their confidence, enhance their personality, get them to interact, talk, formulate strategies so on and so forth.

  1. Fatigue and Sadness

This as well, is one of the most common issues that patients of depression face. There may be several reasons why patients suffer from this problem including family issues, health, professional problems or any other reason such as decrease in dopamine level.

We need to give such patients, reasons to cheer up. We need to make them feel high and happy. Once again, we need to instill positivity in their lives. It has been proved over the years that sports, gives a sense of pleasure. While playing, one is away from all the tensions of life and is more like a free bird. We need to get the patient to this point and catch this moment of positivity in his life and use it to show him the larger picture.

  1. Over Thinking

Failure to overcome any past incident, constant worry and fear about the future, lack of confidence, lack of decision-making ability are some of the most potent reasons for forcing a patient to over think.

  1. Do not feel like working, Lack of interest in study

Lack of concentration, feeling low, lack of confidence can be the reasons behind such issues.


The role of psychologists will be extremely important. Every therapy / every session will create moments of positivity in our patients. It will be the job of psychologists to ensure that his is used to ours and their advantage. The sense of happiness will be stretched for longer periods through continuous discussions, talks and other mediums. It extent that depression symptoms will start fading.

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