Out-bound Exchange

Out-bound Exchange

Going on an exchange programme as a student adds tremendous value to your experiences. Ones that will never be available to you at any other time. Going as an exchange student means you get to learn and absorb different cultures, eat different foods and learn something new almost every day.

Meeting new people, exchanging ideas and contributing to each-other’s growth in all areas of life adds to a manager’s employability. Companies are increasingly seeking out employees who have a global perspective and can operate in almost any part of the world.

Students brush up on foreign languages skills – very essential in today’s business environment. French, Spanish and even smatterings of Mandarin can go a long way in landing the job of your choice.

Tuition fees remain the same. Nothing additional is charged. However, students are expected to meet their travelling and living expenses when they go overseas.

Those interested can contact the administrative office to know more details. IMT students have been visiting countries ranging from USA, UK, France, Norway, Mexico, South Korea, etc.

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