1. Why should you go on exchange?

Pursuing an MBA course is not just about academics, it is about the all-round development of an individual. In order to succeed in today’s world of immense competition, one has to be aware of the various happenings all around the world, able to adapt to different environment and also to appreciate diversity across the world. Such an opportunity of going to a foreign university provides you with a chance to interact with people from across the world, understand their behavior, culture, ethnic practices, and in turn develop a holistic view about the world in general.


There is no better way to travel, live in another country, experience a different culture, make friends from around the world, and add to your degree back home, than to go as an exchange student. The program would help increasing your horizon by exposing you to the pedagogy and business practices of different countries. Being a citizen of a developing country like India, the opportunity of pursuing a business management course from the worldwide recognized institutes would open up avenues in various Multinational Companies and enabling to adapt to their atmosphere in an easy and a better way and would provide a leading edge to work effectively in diverse teams and situations.

  1. Who all can go for the exchange?

Any student enrolled at IMT Ghaziabad in the Two-Year Full Time PGDM Program can apply to go for a student exchange program. The candidate has to undergo a rigorous selection procedure involving academics and interviews by the Chairperson, International Relations Committee and other faculty members of the institute. Based on the cumulative score, a merit list is prepared according to which the seats in various colleges abroad are offered to the students.

  1. What is the duration of the Student Exchange program and when can one go for the same?

The maximum time for the exchange program is one year. Depending on the agreement between IMT Ghaziabad and the host institute, a student can go for a either a trimester or a year Generally, students choose for an exchange after completing two terms at IMT Ghaziabad, which is in either third, fourth, fifth or sixth term.

  1. What is the estimated cost involved in the process?

While one goes on exchange to a partner institution, one need not pay any extra tuition fee for the same. However, some institutions may require separate payments (a modest amount) for the membership of a Student Association or other such club or association which is to be borne by the student.

Living expenses, airfares, accommodation and meals, travel, insurance, textbooks and personal expenses will have to be borne by the students. Generally, for a modest living, the money required for a 3-month/one trimester exchange is around INR 300,000. Depending on the country you wish to go to, it may increase or decrease based on the cost of living there and other expenses.

Some partner institutions also offer scholarships to IMT students which might include free accommodation or stipends. These can change from year to year and one should keep a check on these scholarships at regular basis at respective universities or through International Relations Office.


  1. Where can one go on exchange?

There are lots of options available to study abroad. IMT is partners with 59 universities spread across the globe like in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA and many more.

  1. How to obtain Visas, travel, health insurance?


The institute shall provide full guidance and assistance to the students in any matter related to obtaining of visa or insurance. For visa though, the students will have apply on their own, as mandated by the Embassies of partner countries.

  1. Would we be able to speak to former exchange students of IMT?

Definitely, for sure. After your application is received and processed for the exchange program, a formal induction session is conducted for the shortlisted candidates wherein all the doubts regarding the exchange are dealt with. In that meeting itself, there is an interaction session with the students who went on exchange previously, where they are free to share their experience and give first hand information of the life abroad. They are happy to share their experiences with you and can provide advice on all manner of details regarding being an exchange student to your destination.

Of course. When we receive your application, we’ll connect you with one of our Returned Student Advisors/ Student Buddies from IMT. Returned Student Advisors are former exchange students who have participated on an exchange in your host country. They are happy to share their experiences with you and can provide advice on all manner of details regarding being an exchange student to your destination. You will also be assigned a buddy from IMT who will be in the same course as yours and will help you in case you require any information.

For any other additional information please mail to irc@imt.edu or contact

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Assistant Manager – International Relations
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