Student Experiences

Student Experiences


Dorota Piotrowska (Student, SGH Warsaw, Poland)

Studying in IMT was a valuable experience for me. The classes were held in 3hour blocks which made the teachings more efficient. IMT provided books, hangouts, Wi-Fi – everything what a student needs to study.

The campus area is very pleasant and full of greenery. The location gave me the opportunity to make trips

during studies so I really enjoyed this mix of studying and traveling.


Emilie Bommelaer (Student, Université Paris-Dauphine, France)

I have had a great experience in IMT. The life in campus was good. Even though the term was short, the lectures were completed and were really interesting.

Thanks for everything, IMT!


Thibaud Meynieux (Student, REIMS Management School, France)

I had a very nice experience in India. The courses I followed were very interesting and the travel I did gave me the opportunity to discover that ‘Incredible India’.

The people that I met in IMT were very helpful and friendly.

I would like to thank all of them for their advice and support during my stay.


Vincent Antoine (Student, REIMS Management School, France)

I am so glad I did this Exchange at IMT. Thanks to that, I discovered a whole new country, got to know Indian culture- the different religions, the languages, all different people.

This experience has helped me improve my English and my knowledge in business management. I hope I will be back in India very soon to know more about this country and its people because I am sure I’ve just scratched the surface of it.


Mora Eliot (Student, REIMS Management School, France)

My experience at IMT was just a great one. I wanted to discover something different by coming to India and IMT provided me with that. I met lots of new people with different mentalities, interesting classes with different styles of teaching. Overall I was really glad to come here.


Razid Djouma (Student, Paris Dauphine)

My experience at IMT was great, I met a lot of people and learnt different cultures which has made me more open minded. The time that I passed was very nice, I played a lot of sport and I think that is the best thing in the campus.

To conclude, it was really great!


Anne Meyrueis (Student, Université Paris Dauphine, France)

Overall, I am really satisfied with my stay at IMT. It has been a good opportunity for me to discover India. Being part of IMT has enabled me to live around Indians students.It is really great to have direct relationships with Indians, and learn more about the Indian culture and way of life.

Following marketing classes at IMT has enabled me to finalize my education, and open my mind about marketing in a developing country such as India.

Thank you for welcoming us, IMT!


Annah Hassim (Student, Université Paris Dauphine, France)

The experience at IMT was good. I settled down easily having all facilities inside the campus. I liked the fact that the campus was lively, a lot of events were organized, and students are awake 24x7! Even at night, the library as well as the cafeteria is open which would never be the case in France. It was also nice to have time to travel and discover India with its culture.Nice experience over all!


Nils Eilhauer (Student, Flensburg University, Germany)

“Before I came to IMT, I asked myself what the differences might be compared to studying in Germany, especially since it was my first stay in India and my first time, living on a campus. IMT turned out to be a well organized institution with high quality teaching, high quality students and simply lots of lovely people. I really enjoyed my time. It left a deep impression and I would always come back.

Thank you IMT for giving me a home in India, as well as insights in an Indian Business School and Indian culture. Thank you for providing me with memories I will never forget and friends, who will be only one of the many reasons to come back to your incredible country. IMT rocks!!!”


Anke Sielker (Student, University of Liechenstein)

“I had a great time staying at IMT for half a year. Interactions with students from all parts of India during class and in the hostel living made my stay an enriching and unforgettable experience. Also the quality of the IMT lecturers and the huge network were really impressive. I really appreciate the great friendships I made during my stay and look forward to visit incredible India again.”


Sara Alicia Lozano Balderas (Student, IPADE, Mexico)

“My experience has been very good. I have interacted with excellent people. The professors are very good. All of them have very interesting backgrounds. I made very good friends. I learned a lot about India, professors, students and everything is very good, and for the people interested in India this is a great place.”


Gyu-Young Hong, (Student, NTU, Taiwan)

“My India experience can be summarized as “Easy to Enjoy, Hard to Forget!”. It is something that rejuvenated my senses and pumped up my confidence that was a little low because of the recession that hit Taiwan. The two semester stay at IMT Ghaziabad proved to be a deciding period for my career.”

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