Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window

Erasmus Mundus is the global avatar of the Erasmus program, supported by the EU that encourages academic collaborations between prominent universities and academic institutions across the globe by providing better mobility for students and professors. It also provides scholarships for students of graduate and post graduate levels.

In the year 2009, under the guidance of hon. Director Dr. Anwar Ali, IMT became a signatory to the Erasmus Mundus agreement. It is the only Indian management school to be enlisted in lot 11.This gives the students and staff of IMT the impetus to explore better opportunities for exchange in other universities enlisted in the lot.

EMECW Summit

IMT had the privilege of hosting the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window Summit in collaboration with VUB, Belgium, on our Ghaziabad campus. This conference saw the participation of some of the best universities placed in lot 3, lot 11 and lot 14 of ERASMUS MUNDUS. It was truly a confluence of knowledge as institution heads and deans of leading universities in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America took part in this summit for knowledge sharing and networking purposes. Over eighty academicians from over fifty universities brought their expertise into this conference.

This project has borne fruits for IMT already. 6 PGDM students from IMT have been awarded scholarships to pursue an academic term at IMT’s ERASMUS partner institutions. Also, 10 students from universities across Europe have been selected to pursue 1-2 academic terms at IMT. The International Relations at IMT believes this exchange will prove to be a great learning experience for the students and will help in improving IMT’s international standing further.

It is a notable fact that four faculty members of IMT have been awarded scholarships to pursue post doctoral research at various partner universities under different programs.Further four faculty members have been selected for Academic Staff Exchange (Faculty Exchange) at the European partner institutions in their respective areas. Mr. Michael Samuel, a research scholar at IMT has been awarded the scholarship complete 1 year of his PhD at the University of Warsaw, Poland.

The International Relations Team has always endeavored to put IMT on the International platform amongst the best and truly global Business schools through various initiatives and collaborations. Their achievements speak for themselves. IMT has successfully evolved into a truly international business school and is slowly becoming a hub for cross cultural business education. It would not be wrong to say that IMT is the best B-school in India when it comes to international relations.

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