Chapters in Books

Chapters in Books ( Year-wise )

  • Singh, N., Kaur, R., & Aggarwal, R. K. (2017). Influence of Patent Law on Price of Medicines: A Comparative Analysis of Various Countries. In R. K. Aggarwal & R. Kaur (Eds.), Patent Law and Intellectual Property in the Medical Field (pp. 20-40). Hershey, USA: IGI Global.
  • Upadhyay, P. (2016). End user perspectives on mobile based money transfer. In Business & Information Management (pp. ). IEEE.
  • “Sahay, V., Aggarwal, R. K., & Kaur, R. (2016). Corporate social responsibility: an analysis on the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” . In CSR The New Paradigms (pp. ). Bloomberg Publication .”
  • Arora, S., & Sagar, M. (2016). Strategically Flexible Capacity Building Driving Emerging Markets Internationalisation. In Sushil et al. (Ed.), Flexible Work Organisations – The Challenges of capacity building in Asia (pp. 195-208). India: Springer Publication.
  • Jain, M. K., Varma, A., P., K. K., & Varma, I. (2016). Corporate Sustainability Practice’s Impact on Societal Well-Being: Evidence from India. In A. K. Sinha, A. Pandey, A. K. Mohapatra & S. Rana (Eds.), Advances In Management (pp. 201-208). New Delhi, India: Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd..
  • Bandyopadhyay, K. R., & Das, K. (2016). Where are we on the Missing MDG – Energy?. In India and Sustainable Development Goals: The Way Forward (pp. 77-96). United Nations and Research and Information System for Developing Countries.
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