Student Associations - DCP

  1. IMTeam PRISM
    IMteam PRISM is responsible for covering all events and happenings in and around the campus through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pagalguy, Quora, YouTube and Twitter. Apart from this, we also launch online and offline competitions for students and offer attractive prizes to them. In total, we work towards building the brand image of DCP.
  2. Academic Committee
    We ensure you do not miss any surprise quizzes. We ensure your academics go hand in hand with your extra-curricular activities. We ensure your club/committee plans get realised by coordinating with the college administration on your behalf. Our strategic goals include maintaining class discipline, ensuring timely submissions, coordination within committees/ between clubs and committees and interaction between students’ committees and college administration.
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    • List of events conducted by the committee with summary of each event
      • Alumni Session (Harshvardhan Sir)
      • Coordinated Analytics Workshop/Technical Support Workshop
      • Health Insurance Card Distribution
      • Coordinated selection process for various clubs and committees
      • Coordinated sessions for different committees
      • Assistance during Medical and EIDA procedure. Handling student passports
      • Arranged student-committee presentations
  3. Economy Forum
    This being the foundation year of Economy Forum, the expectations from this committee are very high with a mixture of excitement and expectations with regards to what this committee can and will achieve. Economy forum was created with a few things in mind. Its aim is to bring together a bunch of people who have a certain affiliation for economics, finance, politics and philosophy. These members in turn stimulate a culture of discussion and debate among their peers through public speaking, articles, research, panel discussions among other events.

    • List of events conducted by the committee with summary of each event
      Parliamentary debating – Intra-college debating with an aim to promote public speaking and instill
      an attitude of exemplary oration.
      Virtual stock Market – A ‘Mock Stock’ event where finance minds try to prove their mettle in the
      methods of financial trading.
      Newsletter – The newsletter is a consortium of news, opinionated articles and research articles by
      Panel Discussion – An event where intellects come together to discuss a significant issue.
      Contact details (official email id of committee)
  4. Cultural Committee
    The team of time-pass, which will be organising various events and fun activities throughout the year. Being the committee of Dubai campus, our objective is to bring out the talent amongst the students and to become the oasis to the IMT Dubai desert.

    • List of events: Aurora, Independence Day celebrations
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  5. Placement Committee
    A group of goal oriented individuals attuned with strong people skills and a ‘Can Do’ approach, the Placement Committee is ready to serve the needs of the 16-18 DCP batch and, in unison with the other committees, ensure we dish out 120 employable individuals by the end of our term at the helm. We believe the plans we lay out should benefit the current batch in essence, yet providing a structure that future batches can gain from. In this regard, sustainable planning will be central to our rubrics. We look forward to working for and with every participant on this program.
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  6. Sports Committee
    The sports committee as the name suggest has been constituted to coordinate all the sporting activities that will take place on and off the campus. We encourage participation of all the students in various sport activities that will take place in the campus and the players that will perform well will have the opportunity to represent the institute in various inter-college competitive sporting events. We tend to represent the trend that the students here as good at sports as they are at being professional.

      Check Mate
      The competitive Chess tournament organised with the belief that it would lead to increased interest
      of chess among students.
      IMT Premier League:
      Competitive football tournament which will include every aspect of the premier league which
      includes bidding of the players to selecting the perfect squad and winning the competition in the
      Iron Man tournament:
      As the trend these days shows the increasing interest towards workouts, Iron Man Tournament is
      being planned in order to test the agility, endurance and stamina of the participants under various
      testing conditions and through rigorous set of workout drill.
      Box Cricket:
      Cricket being the most popular sport in India , a box cricket tournament will be organised in order
      to test the cricketing skills of the interested students here.
      Ping Pong Tournament:
      After seeing the interest of the students in Table Tennis, we are planning to organise a Ping pong
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  7. Alumni Committee
    The alumni committee aims to be a bridge between the alumni and the current IMTians. It brings together the prominent leaders, entrepreneurs, managers etc. to the campus and arranges guest lectures, student-alumni interaction. We are also responsible for managing and updating alumni lists from various spheres. It tries to nurture the bond between the alumni and the institution in order to promote collaboration for building the brand IMT-DCP. Apart from this, we also work closely with the placement committee and the corporate committee so as to arrange STP’s, internships and placements for the students.

    • List of Major events that happened last time :
      1. Dubai alumni meet
      IMT Dubai hosted an alumni meet on 14th March at its campus for the Alumni chapter of UAE at
      the Majestic Hotel.
      2. India alumni meet
      The Dubai event saw parallel Alumni meet conducted in India International center, New Delhi.
      Avaneedra Mishra coordinated the event with guidance from Dr. Arvind Seth and Dr. Abdul
      Waheed who were present in New Delhi to meet the alumni chapter of India
      3. Alumni Networking night
      Carrying the tradition of network nights for the alumni IMT Dubai hosted its first networking night for
      the year on 26th Nov, 2015. The event offered the opportunity for alumni to establish and expand
      their network at the informal evening reception. The event was hosted by the Alumni Committee of
      the institute at a swanky bar in Dubai Marina and was graced by more than 50 alumni of the
  8. B-School Competition Committee
    We are a group of B school competition enthusiasts who have joined hands to bring world class business events at our door steps (IMT DUBAI) for the ease and the experience of the DCP students. Pooling our experience, thoughts and creativity, we strive to create and nurture Winners and Champions. We want to generate sufficient and standard competition in the campus to give an exposure as to what competition is out there. We plan to do so by helping you in preparing in advance for the cut
    throat competition that waits for you.

    • We also plan to Organizing various inter college events.
      ♣ Simulating patterns of major events (both online and offline) so as to generate confidence
      in the participants as well as familiarize them with the pattern.
      ♣ Generating sufficient and standard competition in the campus to give an exposure as to
      what competition is out there.
      ♣ Help you in preparing in advance for the cut throat competition that waits for you out of this
      ♣ Ensuring major participation in events in Dubai and other prestigious International events.
      ♣ Organizing inter college events (at a grand scale)
      ♣ HULT case study competition, GOMC, Nespresso, LIME, Mahindra War Room and other
      prestigious International events.
      Destination: bringing international laurels and creating reputation as a major B competition
      Contact Details
      Official Mail ID-
  9. Corporate Relations Committee
    We, The Corporate Relations Committee, are here to build a strong relationship of the students of IMTG DCP with the corporate structure of UAE and ensure that the network grows from strength to strength. Having succeeded in our debut event organised by the Dubai Entrepreneur Network (DEN) held in Dubai, which helped us break the ice with the promising entrepreneurs in this land of opportunities, we are now on our path to achieve our vision statement “To develop a strong interface between the Corporate and the Budding Professionals and provide through the Middle East Immersion to breathe in excellence”.
    Rest assured, stay on your toes as a range of events are coming your way to introduce you to this intriguing world of corporate affairs. Dubai Startups and Entrepreneurs Business Networking The USP for Business School candidates is “Networking”. The Corporate Relations Committee of IMT Ghaziabad (Dual Country Programme) paved the way for students by introducing them to Dubai’s corporate world via an event on Entrepreneurship which was held on 10th August, 2016 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm (GST) at Kteer Tayyeb Café, Cluster C. The rendezvous was organized by Dubai Entrepreneurs Network which is known for creating lines of communication among students, corporate professionals and aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs.
    The key differentiator of the event was that people were eager and willing to talk about their work, and share their ideas and experiences. We walked away with great discussions, unique opportunities and fresh perspectives. This event exposed us to the corporate culture and business etiquettes of Dubai and prepared us for future ones.
  10. Mess Committee
    MessComm aka Mess Committee is responsible for the meals that that keep an IMTiand ticking and fit for the challenges of the day. MessComm also provides special meals for various festivals and communicates the requests of the students to the mess manager. MessComm also coordinates the meals for various conclaves in association with the organising committee of the respective conclave.
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