Placement Committee


The Placement Committee comprises students who have been hand-picked to act as the corporate interface of the college, i.e., to act as a liaison between the corporate world and the student community. The Placement activities are augmented by a plethora of Campus Engagement Initiatives, including guest lectures and pre-placement talks, which give students an insight into the corporate world. The main responsibility of the committee is to facilitate the Summer Internship and Final Placement process held at the college. The committee works on the three pillars of Integrity, Accountability and Discipline.

Placement Committee

The names are in the following order:

Row 1 (from Left to Right):
Divanshu Oberoi, Tanya Pahar, Shubhi Poonia, Rohini Bhargava, Dibyani Nayak, Sonakshi Sharma, Gokul Panakkal

Row 2 (from Left to Right):
Piyush Taparia, Saurav Choudhury, Shrey Priyavrat, Amber Mangal, Syed Salman Haider Rizvi, Susnata Mandal, Saurabh Nair

Row 3 (from Left to Right):
Pranshu Sharma, Vansh Gupta, Saket Singh, Sarthak Arora, Shubho Dasgupta, Kushal Rajoria, Abhishek Ajith

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