Health and Wellness Club (HAWC)

We know that the MBA schedules are jam-packed, which will leave no time to think about your health and fitness. We are there for that exact reason. 

The Health and Wellness Club (HAWC) of IMT Ghaziabad functions with the intent to raise the bar of health and fitness of IMTians. To keep up our pace with this ever-changing world, we overlook the importance of health & peace of mind. HAWC aims to educate and bring awareness to you about fitness. It provides an environment where you can be yourself, forgetting everything happening in the outside world.  

Vision: To make the culture of IMT holistic, empowering students to accelerate their professional careers without missing out on the health and wellness aspects of life.  

Mission: To make every student of IMT aware of the significance of health and enable them to take charge of it so that they can do better in their MBA and the rest of their life. 

Major Events: 


Who doesn’t want to explore exotic nature in its purest form with their friends? We organize annual treks during winter in the Himalayas as an opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate the minds and bodies of IMTians and to improve their interaction with nature. 


Running or jogging can be a tiresome cause unless you do it for a noble cause. We organize annual marathons to commemorate the World Mental Wellness Day of the World Health Organization and improve the physical fitness of IMTians. 

Wellness Weekend: 

A healthy lifestyle is about inculcating healthy habits; all you need is a great start. We organize workshops on Meditation, Yoga, Zumba, etc. All you need to do is to make it a habit. 


Competition is one of the best ways to bring out your A-game, and when it involves fitness, it inspires others around you. 

Webinars and Seminars. We organize FitManush every year in which the students compete for the title of Mr. And Ms. FitManush, which involves several rounds where the participants showcase their fitness prowess. 

Webinars and Seminars: 

We also organize several webinars and seminars with fitness and wellness experts to keep the students updated with the myriad ways to take care of their physical and mental wellness. 


National Sports Assembly: 

HAWC collaborates with an NGO, Sports: A Way of life, in organizing the National Sports Assembly. The assembly is formed to introduce reforms in improving the sporting culture of India and making India a sporting superpower. It witnesses the discussion of distinguished luminaries who brought laurels to the nation via various sports in deciding and implementing the reforms. 

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