THROB – The Official Club of HR & OB at IMT Ghaziabad

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”   

                      – Vince Lombardi  

THROB – The Official Club of HR & OB at IMT Ghaziabad - THROB facilitates students’ interest and helps pique their learning and understanding of how organizations behave and function.    

The club began its journey in 2005 with the name HRuday, to supplement the institute’s efforts in creating adept and empathetic people managers. We are a student-driven initiative trying to empower students with organizational know-how.   

Every year we organize a podcast for PPO holders so that upcoming batches can learn from their experiences and understand how to gain better employment opportunities.   

What Happens at THROB?  

THROB aims to broaden the scope of Understanding Self and Human Resource Management by providing an excellent platform to learn interpersonal and leadership skills. The club also attempts to close the gap between potential recruiters’ expectations and reality.   

 It keeps students informed of current and best people practices and HR industry events and strengthens practical knowledge through regular engagement with industry professionals and alums.   

SIP Preparation Hacks: The event presents exciting to-and-fro sessions with star performers on the hacks of SIP preparation.   

HR & OB Quiz and Case study: The club conducts thoughtfully curated quizzes and case studies in the HR domain for students and professionals.   

Ad-Absurdia: An event on sales where participants make a 30-second to a 2-minute ad about the most absurd things they can think of, amongst other things.   

PPO Stories Podcasts: In this series, we organize podcasts through various mediums with PPO Holders of IMT to provide information and clarity, focusing on what works practically and how students can imbibe such changes.   

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