Official Inclusivity Club of IMT Ghaziabad 

Founded in 2022, The Eye stands for inclusivity and enrichment of campus life of IMT students by giving them a purpose that goes beyond academics. The Eye is intrinsically built upon the core value of inclusion and the same is reflected in it’s motto, “Spectrum Beneath Light“. It aims to nurture MBA students in order for them to grow and develop holistically by providing them opportunities in three distinct avenues – We the Women, Brahm and Go Green. 

The Three Broad Pillars which shape the core foundation of The Eye are as follows :- 

We – The Women: It is an initiative where we aim to celebrate womanhood, by recounting tales of women leaders who have not only made this world a better place to live in but also continue to inspire the newer generation of women to make new strides in their lives and career and break the glass ceiling and any other archaic stigmas that may still prevail in today’s times. 

BRAHM: An initiative to foster creativity and help us think outside the box, via BRAHM, we aspire to provide a stage to all fellow IMTians in order to help them express themselves through creativity, art, talent and wit all throughout the year. The activities included within this initiative are art, music, dance, drama, debate, comedy and many more. 

Go Green: Sustainable growth is a value that lies at the heart of this initiative. Strategizing and implementing sustainability goals that are both campus level and beyond such as pollution reduction campaigns, plastic-free initiatives, water conservation, and waste management would be some of the core activities that would be of prime concern. 


We the Women 

  1. Talk Series – “Shakti”  

It is a leadership talk series where we invite ace women leaders from distinct backgrounds to shed insights on their experiences and career trajectories including all the challenges that helped shape their dominant stature within their respective industries.  
The talk series would serve as an incredible opportunity to IMTians to not only learn but also network with great minds and take home key insights that might help shape their future careers. 

  1. Feminae  

It is a fun filled night of music, art, food and all things fun in order to celebrate and embrace womanhood through The Light in Her by welcoming students to share their stories where women ended up playing a transformational role in their life.  

  1. Women Leadership Conclave 

A Leadership Conclave of eminent Women Leaders who broke the glass ceiling and rose through the ranks of corporate hierarchy in a manner unprecedented prior to themselves.  
Through the session, we aspire to assist students in understanding the nitty-gritties of corporate India and all the challenges that come along with it. Moreover, it would help students prepare in advance for all contingencies and challenges that they may face during their careers.  
This would be followed by an informal networking opportunity where-in students would have the privilege of indulging in an extensive tete-a-tete with the speakers of the session. 


  1. An open to all Inter B-School art exhibition where people from various B-schools and backgrounds can participate and showcase their talent.  
  1. Your Stage 

A platform for students to develop and hone their extra-curricular skillsets, ranging from painting to even poetry. It is a space to promote creativity and talent regularly via student engagement drives by providing appropriate avenues and holistic opportunities for them to hone their craft. 

  1. Art Club 

The art club aims to provide all in-house artists a respite from their managerial commitments by giving them the necessary resources to not only further shape their artistic abilities but also give them the spotlight they deserve.  

  1. Laughter Club 

To create not the next AIB but something far more substantial; To promote wit and humour amongst students in order to foster camaraderie and stronger ties thus serving as apt ode to campus life here at IMT Ghaziabad – The laughter club aims to lighten the stresses of B-school life while helping budding comedians become the next Rahul Dua. 

  1. Fun Wall 

A wall of wit, humour, craft and all fun things IMT. This wall would constantly serve as the voice of the batch would be entirely dedicated to the IMT Ghaziabad cohort to share, entertain, & inspire all. 

Go -Green 

  1. Reduction of Noise Pollution 
    In liaison with administrative authorities within campus and by leveraging state-of-the-art technology such as decibel-meters, our aim would be to reduce noise pollution within the campus. 
  1. Plastic-Free Campus 

In close co-ordination with both, blue collar workers and responsible authorities, our initiative aims to analyse all plastic oriented sourcing and distribution activities undertaken within Campus and implement alternative procurement and related activities in order to stem the exorbitant usage of plastic within campus , thus making our social surrounding truly sustainable. 

  1. Water conservation Practices 
    Post extensive audit of existing infrastructure, we aim to Incorporate environment friendly practices within campus, and implement wherever possible water harvesting setups in order to conserve and re-use water for various other activities on campus. 
  1. Conducting Energy Audits 
    Collating data in close co-ordination with relevant stakeholders and identifying, and recorrecting all/any malpractice in order to achieve an energy efficient campus in line with our sustainability goals. 

Flagship Events 


To promote inclusivity and celebrate the unity in diversity of our country, students, faculty, and staff would be encouraged to don their traditional attires and participate in a night of dance, music, fun and extravaganza.  
We would also be having a food fiesta which would help individuals further reconnect with their roots & embrace diversity. 


An interactive session with some key motivational speakers in the industry who would aim to bring new life within our future managers and spark up the crowd of IMT Ghaziabad with their lightning words and knowledge.  
IMTians will get a chance to discuss in depth their insights with the speakers and reshape their way of thinking. 

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