Mess Committee

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside” – Mark Twain

Food is an imperative element of human survival. Since there has never been any other satisfactory human body fuel that could replace it, Mess Committee, a student body, plays a very significant role to satisfy the elementary need of the students. Food holds different meanings for different people. Cultures, clans, families, and the identity of individuals are shaped by the food they eat and the way it is prepared and served to them. This pushes us to do better than the best and drives us to accomplish these challenges successfully.

Established in 1980, the same year as that of IMT Ghaziabad, Mess Committee coordinates and manages all mess activities to ensure that the supply of mess meets the demand of the students.

Mess Committee facilitates the availability of quality and variety of food to over 1,250 students, faculty members and academic & non-academic staff four times a day and seven days a week. A dedicated team of 37 odd Mess Staff workers put relentless efforts in making this possible. Mess Committee takes utmost care while preparing Mess Menu to ensure that the food items cover all the demographics ranging from Authentic Indian and Mughlai Cuisines to Chinese and Italian Cuisines.

Situated over 200 sq. m. of land, the primary Mess of IMT Ghaziabad has state of the art facilities and can provide seating for over 1,000 students at a time, while the secondary Mess at CDL can provide seating for 300 students. Mess Committee is responsible for providing breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner at both the messes. Mess Committee also has an active feedback page, where every query, suggestion and criticism is appreciated and properly evaluated leading to continual improvement.

Coordination with vendors, stores and inventory management, shop floor operations, effective communication and public relations, cost saving and budgeting for events, event management are the critical responsibilities of Mess Committee. Therefore, the functional skill deployment at Mess Committee varies from finance, marketing, human resources to operations. Mess Committee is also the mentor of newly formed ABSA- Operations Committee.

The committee organizes the following events that witness massive participation from the students: –
Pizza Nite: A tri annual event which records 100% attendance, the Pizza Nite is that evening, when everyone on-campus is served unlimited piping hot pizzas and cold drinks.

Pasta Nite: A biannual event where students are served unlimited fresh pasta in an atmosphere with great music.

Mess-o-mania: An event conducted during the annual college cultural fest, Passion. It includes an interesting food-quiz based on various cuisines and a lot of fun activities for the students.

Diverse India: Another unique initiative by the Mess Committee where a theme-based menu is prepared on the basis of authentic Indian Cuisines.

Mess Day: One of the innovative events, ‘Mess Day’ is celebrated at IMT Ghaziabad with utmost pride and satisfaction. Mess Committee along with student volunteers, prepare and serve food for the Mess staff as well as the entire student body for the whole day. This is a way of showing student’s gratitude towards the Mess Staff. And of course, it’s a lot of fun when students make the cooking arena their own!

Be A Santa: Mess Committee CSR event which includes collection drive for Orphanage Children and spending a day with them

Mess is the source of energy of IMT. It helps IMT breathe, see, run and achieve great heights. It brings people together, helps and facilitates students to dig deep and unlock their potential. Away from home and engaged in the busy B-School life, students need someone to take care of their health and nutrition after all.

Driven by need, Inspired by smiles

Senior Mess Committee

The names are in the following order:
Front row (left to right)– Navneet Kaur, Neethu Hari, Kamal Preet, Rashi Aggarwal, Aveek Nandy, Abhishek Chakravarty
2nd Row (left to right)– Ayush Chadha, Kumar Rishank, Ayan Sanyal, Aditya Mehta, Akash Singh, Nishant Moudgil, Aakash Jain

Junior Mess Committee

Front row (left to right)– Vyshak Sr, Amyo Roy, Sneha Basu, Alankrita Mehta, Shivangi Gagrani, Ayushi Agarwal, Kapil Juneja
2nd Row (left to right)– Aman Kumar Thakur, Abhishek Somani, Ankur Mukherjee, Deepanjan Mukherjee, Anirudh Rao Kasuganti, Sankalp Gurumukhi, Juner Kukreja, Aman Jain

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