IT & Analytics Committee

About IT & Analytics Committee:
The IT & Analytics Committee’s mission is to create a collaborative learning environment for students where they can enhance/share their Data Analysis Techniques. The Committee also aims to provide training to all members of the institution by conducting workshops, guest lectures, and case study competitions involving the Data Analytics software so the members can acquire the necessary statistical and computational skills to draw meaningful conclusions from generated data which can provide them edge once they join corporate.
We also make sure that the institution is well equipped with the relevant infrastructure in the field of analytics. We also help in gauging the needs of industry and tweak the curriculum accordingly.

Events Organised

• Organised ‘IMTrivia’, an online treasure hunt format quiz. It analyses cognitive abilities of students and showcases business readiness of the students.
• Issued quarterly IT magazine ‘Vishleshan’. Students wrote articles related to
1. Augumented Reality, Virtual Reality
2. Blockchain
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Machine Learning

Magazine Outline:

VISHLESHAN 2.0 – This magazine took up Augmented and Virtual reality as the emerging technology and how it can be used for marketing

VISHLESHAN 3.0 – Blockchain was taken as the emerging technology and covered how it can become important in the coming age

VISHLESHAN 4.0 – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning were taken as the latest tech and how it can be of importance to new-age managers



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