(Public Relations, Information & Social Media)

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Ben Parker

At IMTeam PRISM, we understand its meaning better than anyone. With the power to shape the image of IMT Ghaziabad at our fingertips, we are the voice of the students and the custodians of the brand IMT Ghaziabad.


PRISM stands for Public Relations, Information, and Social Media. As the name suggests, IMTeam PRISM manages media relations and orchestrates the corporate communications for brand IMT Ghaziabad. Being the college’s official mouthpiece, the committee’s job entails engaging on social media platforms, keeping track of all the latest happenings on campus, and acting as an interface to ensure IMT Ghaziabad’s active life is brought to its students, alumni, and the general public.

Public Relations

One of IMTeam PRISM’s jobs is to manage media relations and orchestrate the corporate communications for brand IMT Ghaziabad. A significant portion of this job includes coverage and promotion of various B-school competitions and events, which garners wide range of responses. Some of the examples include L’Oréal Brandstorm, Reliance TUP, Mahindra War Room, and HUL Lime. In order to do this, social media platforms are used to create an interface between the alumni, the students, and the general public. We are also tasked with regular coverage of all the B-school events, ranging from different competitions to the convocation and releases in the online news media.


Since IMTeam PRISM is also responsible for the college website, we are the first contact for the aspirants who wish to become an IMTian. Various campaigns are run in conjunction with the Admissions Committee to address any aspirants’ queries before stepping onto the campus. Being the students’ official mouthpiece and the college, we cover all the activities, events, and achievements on the campus.

Social Media

IMTeam PRISM is tasked with handling all the social media handles of IMT Ghaziabad, ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram to Twitter to YouTube. We use these channels to drive engagement around the current affairs and various college events and convey information about the college activities are conveyed to our stakeholders, ranging from the alumni, faculties, aspirants, and the students. These handles also provide an ideal platform for two-way communication between IMT Ghaziabad and its external stakeholders. Several campaigns are also run on these platforms in order to promote the brand IMT Ghaziabad.


Campus Connect:

Campus Connect is a short series of videos on YouTube aimed at helping the students with their Summer Placement Process. The student members of IMTeam PRISM conduct the interviews, record them, and upload them on YouTube. The interviewees are senior students, and the questions include their past interview experiences along with the Summer Internship experiences.


A photography contest aimed to provide the budding photographers an opportunity to show IMT through their lenses and the ultimate incentive of being featured on the official admissions brochure for IMT.


One of the most exciting and entertaining events of IMT Ghaziabad, IMTeam PRISM conducts Communicon, which involves 4 events in a span of 2 days.

Chaos Theory: A competitive battle amongst b-schools across the nation, Chaos theory is aimed to push the students out of their comfort zone. The participant are required to tackle various high-pressure PR situations ranging from handling the consequences of questionable decisions to controversial statements.

Tamasha: This vent usually encompasses the presence of a professional theatre group there to showcase a 90-minute comedy act. A major attraction for all, this fun even brings people out even on chilly December evenings.

Meraki: Tamasha is followed by a lovely night of music and poetry organized at the infamous Amphitheatre. Meraki is the open mic event, where we all sway to words and music under the beautiful light of the stars. Everyone is invited to perform and bare their hearts.

Melange: A lively carnival with games, food, music, dance, and a whole lot of fun, Melange is the place to unwind after a long day.

TEDxIMTGhaziabad: IMTeam PRISM had the privilege of bringing TEDx to IMT Ghaziabad and we have continued with the tradition ever since. Perhaps, the most prestigious event for any institute, the event brings together eminent speakers from various fields to share their stories, wisdom, and thoughts with the students. TEDx provides an international platform for spreading ideas worth sharing to local communities across the globe. It has been our legacy, and the previous TEDxIMTGhaziabad events have received exceedingly positive responses each time.

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