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“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Ben Parker
At IMTeam PRISM, we understand the meaning of this better than anyone. With the power to shape the image of IMT Ghaziabad at our fingertips, we are the custodians of Brand IMT and the voice of the students.
What do we do? Everything media.
For starters, we manage media relations and orchestrate the corporate communications for brand IMT Ghaziabad. Being the official mouthpiece of the college, we engage with all stakeholders and keep track of all the latest happenings on campus. We work hard to ensure that every voice gets heard, and every story gets told – be it of our faculty, our students, or our alumni.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Senior PRISM


1st row: Venugopal Patil, Yashika Gogia, Adyasha Mishra, Prakhar Sinha, Anirban Paul, Syamantak Hazra, Anish Miglani
2nd row: Venkateshwaran Raju, Shagun Sahani, Kaustav Roychowdhury, Rishabh Pandey
3rd Row : Shikha Tickoo, Rohit Pandey, Srishti Bharadwaj

Junior PRISM


1st row: Kshitiz Sinha, Siddharth Sood, Mahak Kothari, Prasoon Swaroop
2nd row: Sumit Pandey, Madhur Dang, Madhav Govil, Kshitij Ghai, Kshitij Sharma, Sijoy Syriac, Arnav Chakraborty, Utkarsh Anand, Akash Kapur, Burhanuddin Yusufbhai Batliwala
3rd row: Srinjoy Sen, Sagar Chaube, Shreya, Sutanuka Roychowdhary, Anusha Gurumurthy, Shweta Gupta, Srishti Agarwal, Anjali Kathuria, Dhawal Yash, Harshit Gupta


The bridge between the outside world and IMT, and a platform for the voices inside IMT – IMTeam PRISM plays several roles. Here’s a brief glimpse at the some of our key responsibilities:

Public Relations
IMTeam PRISM job is to manage media relations, orchestrate the corporate communications and take brand IMT to new heights.

To do this, we engage with news media platforms like NDTV and Hindustan Times to ensure IMT’s budding managers weigh in on various social issues. We also manage IMT’s PR through regular releases in print and online news media.

We are also tasked with ensuring adequate media coverage for the last and most important event for the outgoing student batch – the convocation.

Charged with taking care of the college website, IMTeam PRISM is the first face aspirants see when they begin the journey of becoming an IMTian. We work with the Admissions Committee to coordinate the GD-PI process and connect aspiring managers with IMT.

We then take this one step further with City Meets and Twitter AMAs organised by our team to answer all queries that aspirants may have before stepping onto the campus.

On campus, we are the official mouthpiece of both the college and the students. We keep an eye on all events, activities and achievements on campus. Through the official college blog, IMTimes, we capture the current mood on campus every season. The blog also provides a platform to faculty, students, alumni and industry leaders to share their thoughts on the latest happenings in the college and in the outside world.

Social Media
IMTeam PRISM also handles all the official social media channels for IMT Ghaziabad. From Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram, we use each channel to drive engagement with stakeholders and create conversations around college events and current affairs.



We kick-off the academic season with the ‘IMTagged’ challenge. The perfect ice-breaker for the incoming batch, this event challenges them to display their creative prowess with the pen, behind the camera, and in the art of meme-making.

Press Tease

Next up is the ‘Press Tease’. This event takes students out of their comfort zone, putting them in the shoes of the newsmakers and placing them in front of a fiery press. Politics, controversial statements, questionable decisions, the podium of Press Tease covers it all. This event helps students familiarise themselves with society’s concerns, thus playing a role in the holistic learning experience of the budding managers.


In the icy cold Delhi winter comes Communicon, our annual flagship media conclave. It is a two-part conclave, the first of which is Vichar Vimarsh.

Vichar Vimarsh involves an interactive discussion by eminent personalities on media-related issues of high import. A great value-add for budding managers, this event gives them deep insights into the world of media from the people who know it best.

This is followed by Chaos Theory (formerly Big 10), a maddeningly competitive battle among the best B-Schools across the country. Here, students battle it out in teams of 2 and get to experience what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera in high-pressure situations.


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