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IMT Ghaziabad is a premier B school. Its alumnus are world leaders in business and its students are highly motivated and regularly participate in and win various business case competitions. Students are further guided by an expert faculty and benefit immensely from their years of experience and wisdom. But IMT Ghaziabad is more than just a management education institute. The college provides a real sense of community and belonging to students so that they feel supported and motivated as they work towards building successful careers. In just 2 years, students develop an incredible amount of goodwill towards IMT Ghaziabad, their batchmates, their seniors and juniors, and their faculty. The college is well known for its large, successful, and divers alumni base that chooses year after year to remain engaged and aid in its development. Clearly, IMT Ghaziabad is a powerful brand. However, this brand was not built in a day. Managing and developing a brand like IMT requires the consistent efforts of a professional team. This is where IMTeam PRISM’s responsibilities lie. 

IMTeam PRISM (Public Relations, Information and Social Media) are the custodian of the brand IMT Ghaziabad. It is through IMTeam PRISM’s engagement on social media that students (both prospective and current), alumni, corporations, and the public at large are kept up to date with the latest events and achievements of students on campus. Doing this requires liaising with the college’s administration, and other clubs and committees to maximize IMT Ghaziabad’s digital footprint. IMTeam PRISM also organizes several events and conferences throughout the year including its flagship event, TEDxIMTGhaziabad. IMTeam PRISM, thus, contributes significantly to shaping the MBA experience on campus. 

Public Relations   

IMTeam PRISM is the official mouthpiece of brand IMT. The team manages media relations and coordinates corporate communications for IMT Ghaziabad. It is responsible for covering and promoting all B-school competitions and events conducted on campus. 


IMTeam PRISM relays news from IMT Ghaziabad to various stakeholders. This includes information on achievements of the IMT Ghaziabad’s family, events organized by clubs, committees and the administration, leadership talks and crucial insights into the institute. Also, various campaigns are run in conjunction with the Admissions Committee to address the queries of prospective students.  

Social media    

IMTeam PRISM handles all the social media accounts of IMT Ghaziabad – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These handles are a medium to keep stakeholders updated with upcoming events, student achievements, and recent happenings on campus. IMTeam PRISM also promotes the IMT Ghaziabad’s brand to create a sense of community by running campaigns to connect to a larger audience. 



IMTeam PRISM has the unique privilege of organising the most prestigious event on campus, TEDxIMTGhaziabad. TEDx is an international platform for spreading ideas worth sharing to local communities across the globe. Eminent speakers from diverse fields come to IMT Ghaziabad to share their stories, wisdom, and thoughts with the students. It has a vast online presence with over 36.6 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Media Conclave:   

Media Conclave is a series of panel discussions amongst prominent professional personalities from the media industry. It helps start conversations amongst attendees about important ideas in the media space while also highlighting issues and challenges present in the industry. 


Xposure is a photography contest aimed at providing budding photographers with an opportunity to showcase their talent. The competition is open for B school students across the country. There are two major themes as part of the competition. One of the themes is exclusively for institute’s students, where they have a chance to capture IMT Ghaziabad through their lens. The contest provides an opportunity to receive exciting cash prizes and the ultimate incentive of potentially being featured on the official admissions brochure for IMT Ghaziabad. 


Communicon is one of the most exciting and entertaining events at IMT Ghaziabad. It usually spans 2 days and involves 4 fun-filled yet competitive events:   

  1. Chaos Theory: An exhilarating battle where B-schools from all over the country are pitted against each other. Chaos theory pushes the students out of their comfort zone. The participants are tasked with handling high-pressure PR situations which range from handling the consequences of questionable decisions to controversial statements.    
  1. Meraki: A lovely night of music and poetry that takes place at the Amphitheatre. Meraki is an open mic event, where everyone gathers to listen, perform, and express their thoughts and feelings under the beautiful light of the stars, in an environment free from any kind of judgement.   
  1. Mélange: A lively carnival with games, food, music, dance, and a whole lot of fun, Mélange is the perfect event for letting students unwind after a long and hectic day.    
  1. Legacy wars: This informal event brings together clubs and committees across the IMT Ghaziabad campus, as they battle it out in events such as Taboo, Tug of War, Family Feud, and a Roasting event, there is a lot on the line, with the aim of leading their respective club/committee towards glory. 
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