Barnali Chaklader

Barnali Chaklader


Area: Finance

PhD (Bundelkhand University)
MBA (Lalit Narayan Mishra Institute Patna)
Cost and Management Accountant (FCMA)
M. Com (Delhi University)
B. Com (Hons), Delhi University

Financial and Management Accounting
Corporate Finance
Mergers & Acquisitions
Private Equity
Strategic Cost management

Capital Structure
Dividend Decision
Corporate Governance
Earnings Management

Selected Publications

• Barnali Chaklader and Dinesh Jaisinghani, “Testing dynamic trade-off theory of capital structure: an empirical study for the textiles industry in India and China,” Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, 2017 Vol. 7. No. 4, pp 378-401, DOI: 10.1504/AAJFA.2017.10008111
• Raj Dhankar, Barnali Chaklader and Amit Gupta, “Application of International Accounting Standards (IFRS) Globally: A Critque,” International Journal of Economic Research, Vol.14. No. 6, 2017, pp 323-348
• Barnali Chaklader and Deepak Chawla, “A Study of determinants of Capital Structure through Panel Data Analysis of Firms Listed in CNX 500,” Vision, Vol. 20, No.4, pp. 267-277
• Pallavi Gupta, Javed Akhter and Barnali Chaklader, “An Empirical Study of Accounting Expert’s Perception for Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards in India,” Nitte Management Review, Vol. 9 No 2, pp 35-53
• Neharika Srivastava, Barnali Chaklader and Vandna Sharma, “A Study to Assess Impact of Carbon Credit Trading on Costs and Prices of Different Goods and Services- A Study from Airlines Industry”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Business and Management Information Systems, 2015, held in Singapore from 17-20 November, 2015 pp. 47-54
• Raj Dhankar, Barnali Chaklader and Amit Gupta, “Implementing IFRS from The Perspective of Public Sector Banks in India”, Proceedings of the International Conferences on Accounting Studies, Johor, Malaysia from 17-20 August, 2015.
• Neharika Shrivastava, Vandana Sharma and Barnali Chaklader, “A Study of Reporting Standard in Carbon Credit Accounting”, International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 4, No.2, pp. 408-411
• Barnali Chaklader and Sanjay Dhamija, “Corporate Debt Restructuring, A Case of Wockhardt”, Journal of Case Research, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 83-98
• Barnali Chaklader and Puja Aggarwal Gulati, “A study of Corporate Environmental Disclosure Practices of Companies Doing Business in India”, Global Business Review, Vol. 16, No. 2 , pp. 321-335
• Samie A Sayed and Barnali Chaklader, “Does Equity Research Induced Buying Have Investment Value? Evidence from an Emerging Market, “ Vikalpa, Vol. 39, No 4, pp 39-54
• Barnali Chaklader and Gautam Neeran, “Efficient Water Management through Public-Private Partnership Model: An Experiment in CSR by Coca-Cola India”, Vikalpa, Vol. 38, No. 4 pp. 97-104
• Barnali Chaklader, Sharma, R.K., Khatun Rabia and Goel Pooja. “Relationship of Working Capital Management with FMCG Sector Firm’s Profitability”, International Journal of Trends in Finance, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2013, pp.- 103-116
• Barnali Chaklader and Shrivastava Neharika, “Relationship of Working Capital Management with Firm’s Profitability during the Period of Global Slowdown: An Empirical Study of Manufacturing Firms in India.” The International Journal’s Research Journal of Economics and Business Studies Vol.2, No 3 , pp. 41-50
• Barnali Chaklader, “Corporate Governance and Environmental reporting: A Study of relationship for Better Stakeholder Satisfaction”, The Management Accountant, Vol. 47, No.1, January 2012
• Barnali Chaklader, “ Spot and Future prices of Carbon Emission Reduction Trading of NCDEX India: An Econometric Study”, Journal of Management Research in Emerging Economies, Vol.1, No.2, 2011, pp.1-14
• Barnali Chaklader and Agarwal Puja, “Declaration of Bonus Debenture: A Case of Britannia Industries “Limited, Journal of Case Research Volume No. 02, 2011
• Puja Agarwal and Barnali Chaklader, “Bonus Debenture as an Innovative Financial Instrument”, The Chartered Accountant Journal, Vol.60, No.3, September 2011
• Gera Rajat and Barnali Chaklader, “Integrating Target Costing with Supply Chain Management: A Strategic Perspective”, Management Accountant, Vol. 46, No.9, September 2011
• Barnali Chaklader and Roy Deya, “Sustainable development using the sustainability balanced score card: the case of Tata Motors, India”, International Journal of Strategic Sustainability Management, Vol 2, Issue 2, 2010, pp 155-167.
• Barnali Chaklader “Creating Competitive Advantage with Life Cycle Costing”, Management Accountant, Vol. 45, No.1, January 2010.
• Barnali Chaklader “Carbon Emission Reduction trading in India: Offsetting the Danger of Carbon Credit” Management Accountant, VOL 44, No. 9, 2009
• Barnali Chaklader “Competing in the Blue Sky of Opportunity: A case of Jet Airways” 8M, Volume 8, No.4, October- December 2003
• Barnali Chaklader “Measuring Intellectual Capital- A human resource Accounting Approach” Man Power, 2003 published by Institute of Applied Manpower Research
• Barnali Chaklader “Behavioural Aspects of Budgeting and a few Theories of motivation- a relationship” Abhigyan, June 2002
• Barnali Chaklader “Green accounting: Methodology for Global corporate sustainability” Productivity, VOL 42(2), 2001
• Barnali Chaklader “Facets of Human resource Disclosure, a case study of EIL” Business perspectives, vol. 2, and issue 1, 2000.
• Barnali Chaklader “Environmental accounting- Accounting Goes Green”, 8M, Volume 5, No.2, April-June 2000.
• Barnali Chaklader “Transfer Pricing: A Case Study of Eicher Tractors Ltd.”, Prestige Journal of Management and research, Volume 4, Number 1, April 2000.
• Barnali Chaklader “ Extreme Information Service Sector Focus of Venture Capitalists- a case for Broad basing” Journal of Services Research, Vol 1, No. 1, 2000

Case Study:
• Ricoh India Limited: Financial Shenanigans, Ivey Publishing, May 2017, Product no 9B17B009
• Alok Industries Limited: Investment Decision Through Financial Statement Analysis, The Case Center, UK & USA, March 2018, Product no 118-0020-1 (With Kirti Sharma)
• Which Industry is the Company From? The Case Research Center, UK and USA,
December 2016, Product no 116-014-1
• Dual Set of Financial Statements : A Critical Analysis of Wipro, Case Research Center, UK and USA, May 2016, Product no 116-0035-1 (With Javaid Akhter and Pallavi Gupta)
• Globalisation of Research and Development Center: How GE Does it in India, Innovation in India: The Future of Offshoring, Suseela Yesudian (ed.), Palgrave Publication, London, 2013 (An Award Winning Case from Aditya Birla Case Research Center, London Business School, London, 2009)

Articles/Papers Published:

Newspaper Articles

• The Business of Selling Below Cost,” The Hindu Business Line, (July 15th , 2016)
• “Shariah index can bring in more investors”. The Hindu Business Line, (May 18th , 2013)
• “Smoothen earnings through R&D spending”. The Hindu Business Line, (October 24th , 2011)
• “Managing Customers for profits” in The Hindu Business Line (March 14th , 2011)
• “Independent Directors in a Family Owned Business” in The Hindu Business Line (March 28th , 2011
• “Restructuring of MBA curriculum” in The Economic Times (May 15th 2000)

Papers Presented:

• “Effect of Ownership Structure on Dividend Policy of the Firm: Study on Companies Listed on National Stock Exchange of India” IISES 9th Economics & Finance Conference, London, United Kingdom (May 22-25, 2018)
• “ Testing Dynamic Trade off Theory of Capital Structure, An Empirical Study of Textile Industry of India and China,” 8th Annual American Business Research Conference, New York, USA (July 11-12, 2016)
• “A Study of Corporate Environmental Disclosure Practices of Companies Doing Business in India.” in 22nd International Business Research Conference, Madrid, Spain (September 9-10, 2013)
• “Relationship of Working Capital Management with Firm’s Profitability: An Analysis from Bombay Stock Exchange Sectoral Indices,” in International Conference on emerging Markets and the New Dynamics of Management, London, UK (May 17-18, 2012)
• ‘Relationship of Corporate Governance Indicators and Firm Value: A Study of Indian Companies from Bombay Stock Exchange, India’ in Annual American Business Research conference in Las Vegas, USA (June 10-12, 2010)
• ‘Sustainable Development Using Sustainability Balanced Score Card- Case Study of Tata Motors, India’ in 7th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in Durham, UK on 3-5 September 2008 organized by the University of Durham and the Social Responsibility Research Network (September 3-5, 2008)
• Paper presented in Easy eco Conference, Germany on 13th of October, 2006 A paper titled “ Triple Bottom Line Reporting System as a Tool to Achieve good Corporate Governance: A study of Indian practices” was presented in Easy Eco Conference held by University of Saarland, Germany in October 2006
• “Environmental Accounting in the Corporate Sectors of India” in Sustainability Conference of EMAN network in Bangkok on 25th of November 2005
• Presented a paper in Xth annual CHME Conference (Council of Hospitality Management Education) in South Bank university, London on “Environmental Accounting in the Hotels of the Capital of India, New Delhi” on the 20th of April, 2001

Management Development Programmes

Open Programmes

• Understanding and Analysis of Financial Statements
• Strategically Manage Cost to Improve Bottom-line

Select Sessions Delivered in Management Development Programmes

• “Understanding Financial Statements and Financial Statement Analysis,” Certificate Course in General Management Skills for Indian Technical Economic Cooperation Programme international participants , January 22- March 03, 2018
• “Credit Rating and Evaluation”, in MDP on Credit Management, NPAs and Recovery Strategies in Banks and Financial Institutions, February 6-7, 2017
• “Financial Shenanigan,” in MDP on Understanding and Analysis of Financial Statements, September 1-2, 2016
• “Making Numbers Work for you,” in Senior Leadership Development Programme for Senior Executives of RITES, February 26-27, 2016
• “Wealth Creating mindset,” Towards Holistic Leadership’ for Middle Level Managers of GAIL India Ltd, January 18-20, 2016
• “Financial Management & Cost Consciousness,” “General Management Programme of BHEL, April 21-30, 2016
• “Understanding Financial Statements,” in Leadership Development Programme-II (LDP-II)for General Managers of ONGC, April 14- May 02, 2015
• “Strategic Cost Management through Value Chain Analysis,” in Leadership Development Programme-II (LDP-II)for General Managers of ONGC, April 14-May 02, 2015
• “Strategic Cost Management for Extending the Productivity Frontier,” in Leadership Development Programme-II (LDP-II)for General Managers of ONGC, April 14- May 02, 2015
• “Understanding and Measuring Value Creation by NLC through Financial Statements,” in Leadership Development Programme for DGMs of Neyveli Lignite Corporation, June 15-18, 2015
• “As SBU Heads – Financial Implications, ” in IFFCO General Management Programme, July 03-13, 2015
• “Making Numbers Work for you,” in Leadership Development Programme for Senior Executives of IndusInd Bank Limited, September 9-11, 2015
• “Relevant Costs : Managerial Decision Making,” in IOCL Cutting Edge Leadership, November 07 –December 02, 2014
• “Understanding Financial Statement,” in Creative Leadership for ONGC, February 16 – 19, 2015
• “Financial Statement Analysis for Value Creation,” in Creative Leadership for ONGC February 16 – 19, 2015
• “Cost Information for Planning and Budgeting,” in MDP for Executives of IFFCO on ‘Finance for Non-finance Executives’, April 15-17, 2013
• “Towards Wealth Creating Mindset,” Senior Officers of Canara Bank : Towards the Next Orbit, August 19-23, 2013
• “Cost Information for Decision Making,” in Training Programme on “General Management & Finance” for Officers from Afghanistan Govt, January 11-21, 2013
• “Financial Statement Analysis” in “ Programme for Managers of GAIL India Limited, October 23-25, 2015
• “Cost Leadership & Competitive Advantage,” in Induction Course for Management Trainers of Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SVJN), September 10- October 5, 2012
• “Management Decision Making and a Strategic Emphasis,” in Cost Management to Improve Bottom Line, September 27-28, 2012
• “Value Chain Analysis and a Strategic Emphasis,” in Cost Management to Improve Bottom Line, September 27-28, 2012

Academic Experience

Professor, IMT Ghaziabad, October 2018 till date
Professor, IMI, Delhi, April 2016 till September 2018
Associate Professor, IMI, Delhi, January 2012 till March 2016
Associate Professor, IMT Ghaziabad, July 2009 till October 2011
Assistant Professor, IMT Ghaziabad, June 2007 till June 2009
Assistant Professor, Fortune Institute of International Business, December 2005 till June 2007
Associate Professor, Lloyd Institute of Management & Technology, July 2004 till November 2005
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Rai Business School, Rai University: April 2002 till June 2004
Assistant Professor, International Institute of Management Technology, Gurgaon (Affiliated to Oxford Brookes University, UK), November 2000 till October 2001
Assistant Professor, Northern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, (NIILM) New Delhi: June 1998 till October 2000
Assistant Professor, Institute of Technology and Science: Ghaziabad, July 1997 till March 1998

Professional Experience

Number of scholars co -supervised who have been awarded PhD: 02

a. PhD programme of Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University. Thesis titled “Challenges and Prospects of Implementing the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Indian Corporate Sector with Special Reference to Banking Sector” Doctoral degree awarded in June 2018

b. PhD programme under AIMA- Aligarh Muslim University. Thesis titled “A Study of Convergence of Indian GAAP to IFRS- A Critical Analysis” Doctoral degree awarded in June 2018

2. Number of PhD scholars co –supervising: 01

PhD programme under BIT Mesra. Research topic is, “Impact of Carbon Trading on the Financial Performance of Indian Companies”

Part-time & Consulting Engagements

Visiting Faculty to Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, Kufstein

Member of Project Evaluation and Monitoring Committee of Technology Development Board, Department of Science & Technology

Achievements and Awards
  • Award from Aditya Birla Case Centre at London Business School for writing the case entitled, “Globalisation of Research and Development Centre : How GE does it in India” as one among 7 final case studies.
  • UNDP and UNEP grant for presenting paper in international Conference in Saarbruken, Germany and for attending 13 days workshop in Brasov Romania respectively
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