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IMT Ghaziabad has evolved into one of the premier Management Schools, having been ranked in the Top 10 in the Country.  It has been a continuous strive of IMT Group to understand the evolving needs and challenges in the area of Management Education and offer appropriate courses to fulfil this need. Finance as a stream is being offered in the PGDM course by IMTG.  Banking as a stream is being offered in the PGDM by a few Management Schools with varying levels of response and patronage.

Banking Industry in the recent times has experienced lot many changes with the liberalisation in the licensing policy of GoI/RBI. Number of new players have forayed in to Banking viz. Small Finance Banks, Payment Banks, NBFCs, Fintechs, etc giving a stiff competition in the Banking industry as a whole.  Further the penetration of Banking, notwithstanding the huge expansion in the recent years, is far low compared to international standards. Further, there are a large number of managerial, financial, structural and technological issues facing the banking and non-banking financial organizations that need to be thoroughly investigated and resolved by research and consultancy to ensure long term sustainable growth of these sectors.

A sound banking system is a pre-requisite for the economic development of any nation, more so for the world’s fastest-growing large economy like India. Unfortunately, at a time when the banking sector should be acting as the backbone of the economy, it is faced with a multitude of issues that could range from severe competition, leadership vacuum more particularly at the middle and senior management level, weakened asset base to outright fraud. There is no denying the fact that a major reason for the sector’s problems could be the inadequacy of skilled trained manpower with necessary skill-set to strategize and manage banks in the fast changing business environment. Responding to this shortage of skilled banking staff in India, IMT Ghaziabad has set up CBS (Centre for Banking Studies) exclusively to cater to the required needs of the Banking industry.

CBS aims to serve the Banking industry by providing highly specialized contemporary education, training, research and capacity building in banking. It shall endeavour to prepare future bank managers, train working bank professionals and contribute to research and capacity building, with the vision to be a leader in providing quality banking education and training. To ensure that banking and finance courses are continuously updated in tune with industry requirements, there will be an Advisory Board constituted with eminent and seasoned professionals and practitioners from Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors besides academicians to guide and mentor the CBS activities.

As a prelude to commencing a full time PGDM course in Banking, Insurance and Finance by CBS, it was felt that the market potential should be understood thoroughly. Given the Brand Image attained by IMTG as also the resources available-both academic and infrastructural, offering MDPs in the niche areas of Banking, to start with, covering advanced and evolving topics for senior Bankers is considered a desirable first step.

Given the complexities the Banking Industry is passing through, like implementation of Basel III, Ind-AS, Risk, Cyber Security & Frauds etc., the need for training of Bank Executives in these areas assumes high importance and is inevitable.

In the above backdrop, CBS would pursue following activities:

  1. The Centre would introduce short-term training programs (MDPs) to sharpen and enhance the managerial capabilities of working Bank Executives and help in developing their leadership skills. Such MDPs would be of three types:

In-company programs: Customized in-company training programs in collaboration with banks and financial services organizations. Duration of such programs would depend on the client organization’s requirements

Open MDPs: The Centre would hold open MDPs on popular topics related to banking and financial services

INTERNATIONAL JOINT-MDPs: In the globalized banking scenario, international joint MDPs – conducted abroad in collaboration with leading foreign business schools or banks – can play an important role in exposing the Indian banks staff to global banking practices and generating new ideas for improving the efficiency and standard of operations

  1. Certificate courses in certain specialised functions of Banking like Risk Management, Credit appraisal, Treasury, FOREX, Accounting & Audit which has also been mandated by the RBI. Efforts are on to have joint Certification of these courses with some high rated Overseas Business Schools as well
  2. Executive Management / Education Development Program (Long term Executive Program). Joint Certification with Global Universities/Business Schools of repute for this course is also in the pipeline
  3. Two-year full-time PGDM course in Banking, Insurance and Financial services

Research: The research activities of the CBS may be classified into short-term and long-term.

  • Short-term research: would include activities such as the following:
    • Organize invited talks by banking leaders
    • Seminars and panel discussions: occasional.
    • Entering into MoUs with banks for short-term collaborative studies
    • Case writing projects
  • Short-term research studies by IMT faculty
  • Guided study tours to leading foreign financial markets and institutions
  • Long-term research:
    • Entering into MoUs with banks and FIs for long-term collaborative studies
    • Undertake sponsored history-writing of great Indian banks/FIs

Organizing Annual Conference on emerging trends in banking and financial services. Selected conference papers to be published in the form of an edited book.

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