Media Relations & Ranking Committee

CHANGE is not just a word
It is freedom.
Freedom to challenge the status-quo
And to channelize the flow
Freedom to break the shackle
And solve what no one could tackle
Freedom to venture into domains uncharted
To ignite a revolution and get it started!

At MRRC, we live CHANGE every day. It begins with a seemingly simple job of managing media relations and orchestrating the corporate communications message. But it is not that simple to retain simplicity. So we evolved, discarding what was outdated; eliminating what was redundant and thus began our pursuit of continuous improvement. From Admission to Convocation, The Media Relations & Ranking Committee stays awake with a vigilant eye and a conscious mind, constantly engaged with all stakeholders of IMT – both externally and within. No words of grumble from the students skip the microphone and no success story skips the lenses of MRRC, be it the students, faculty or alumni.

Senior MMRC

The names are in the following order:

Top row (L to R): Chirag Garg, Amrit Sidhu, Sumeet Singh, Tarun Prakash Vyas, Vikram Bansal, Siddharth Kumar Agarwal, Karan Arora, Salil Soney, Prashanth Srivatsa, Himanshu Jamwal, Jupanjot Singh Chugh, Vedant Arora
Front row (L to R): Richa Maru, Jigyasa Sharma, Dharna Chauhan, Tina Therattil, Jyotsna Kaur, Deepika Lohani, Pooja Peswani, Neha Kasana, Natasha Lobo, Shreshtha Malhan

Junior MMRC

The names are in the following order:
Top row (L to R): Vikas Sharma, Ashish Anand, Sourabh Singh, Aniket Vaidya, Kshiteesh Kolhe , Harman Deep ,Kunal Arora, Soham Sakalikar, Suraj Sridar and Tarun Chandoke
Front row (L to R): Anisha Ahuja, Jyotsana Lal, Mitali Srivastava , Khushboo Somani , Parmita Tandon , Srishti Thukral , Aanchal Rawal , Swati Singh , Nishtha Bhasin , Akansha Kapoor and Prachi Prakash

With the release of the Admissions notification, MRRC bucks up for handling the innumerable queries and conflicts that the admissions process brings in its wake. From co-ordinating the GD-PI process to managing the Facebook and Pagalguy forums, MRRC acts as a bridge between the institute and the aspirants. The interaction is then taken one step forward with City Meets organized by MRRC to allay the fears and inhibitions of the candidates before they step into the campus.

We publish the official IMT newsletter, “The Perspective”, an eye on the events, activities and achievements at IMT Ghaziabad. Capturing and colouring the mood of the season in campus, The Perspective weaves the thoughts of faculty, students, alumni and eminent corporate figures along the lines of the theme. The Perspective speaks for the take of the institute on the happenings of the campus as well as that of the outside world, reaching out to current students, alumni, faculty and the corporate world.

MRRC has its eye on all the events and activities happening on campus. We manage IMT’s PR through regular releases in the print and visual news media. We take care of the college’s website and all channels of social media, including IMT’s blog, the “Voice of IMT”. We also ensure that students get plenty of industry exposure through regular guest lectures and short term projects. We engage with news media platforms like NDTV and Hindustan Times, ensuring that IMT’s young managers voice their opinions in intense discussions on various social issues. Our season closes with the convocation where we ensure adequate media coverage for the event.


1. Campus Journalist and Campus Photo-journalist
The academic season kicks off with our introductory event “The Campus Journalist” and “The Campus Photo-journalist”. Perfectly timed as the first ice-breaker for the incoming batch, this event gives an open platform to the new batch to express their first week experiences at IMT. Every single time the Campus Journalists bring out a fresh new story of the anxious atmosphere of the foundation program and every single time the Campus Photo-journalists explore fresh new colours of aspirations.

2. Press Tease
Once things seem settled, we strike back with “Press Tease”: an event that takes the students out of their comfort zone, putting them in the shoes of the newsmakers and placing in front of a fiery press. Politics, controversial statements, questionable decisions, the podium of Press Tease covers it all. This event brings along an opportunity to get in close contact with the concerns of society and thus plays a role in the holistic learning experience of the budding managers.

3. Communicon
In the chilling winters of Ghaziabad, comes our signature event: Communicon. It is a two-part conclave, the first of which is Vichar Vimarsh. It involves an interactive discussion by eminent personalities, on media-related issues of high import, acting as a knowledge enabler for budding managers. It is followed by Big 10, a traditional case study competition, which goes beyond conventional business perspectives, to foster a corporate culture of socially inclusive development. It is our attempt to inspire path breaking ideas, to encourage their expression in a feasible, realistic and implementable solution, and to give the participants a platform and the visibility to enable them to conquer the glory that they deserve.

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