“Where Leaders are Made”

Toastmasters – “Where Leaders are Made”.

Well, for us, Toastmasters is like “Harvard” of “Public Speaking”.

We, at IMT Ghaziabad Toastmasters Club, “Provide a Positive and Supportive Learning Experience, where members are empowered to develop Communication and Leadership skills, for better Self Confidence and Personal Growth”.

IMTG TMC holds weekly meetings which is divided into 3 segments:

  1. Prepared Speeches – Where the current members prepare their speeches well in advance and deliver them on the D-Day. All the speeches have certain objectives based on the projects enlisted in the Competent Communicator module(
  2. Table Topic Speeches – Guests & Members volunteer for an impromptu speech, the topic of which has to be chosen from the random topics that are prepared by Club in advance.
  3. Evaluation – We believe that every speaker has some room for improvement and this makes Evaluation the most important section of the meeting. According to Toastmasters’ philosophy there are 4 Cs of Communication which are Completeness, Conciseness, Clarity and Correctness. Each of these aspects are evaluated and the feedback is given to each and every speaker.

In every meeting, there will be voting by secret ballots for all the speeches, and whoever wins, gets a Certificate which is internationally recognised. In MBA Language it means, “CV BROWNIE POINTS”.

IMTG Toastmasters Club also conducts a Humorous Speech Contest and a Club Level International Speech Contest every year in which the members get to compete with all the members of the Toastmasters Fraternity all over the world.

Toastmasters’ meetings all over the world are structured in such a way that promotes an “All round development of Communication and Leadership Skills of an Individual”.

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