Sports Committee

“Excellence endures and sustains. It goes beyond motivation into realms of inspiration.” 

IMT Ghaziabad encourages its students to approach life with an excellence mindset. It is even more critical to develop your skills holistically in a learning environment that is constantly evolving. Sports Committee is the torchbearer for developing tenacity, as well as for streamlining corporate interactions that provide you with the best skills for your career. It strives to advocate vibrating  sporting culture across B-school fraternity and impart attributes such as self confidence, sportsmanship and perseverance among the lives of individuals 

Our repertoire of exciting events includes:- 

  • Sports Night 
    The inaugural event of the Sports Calendar of IMT, where the Seniors and Juniors break the ice by competing against each other in 9 events across 8 sports. 
  • League of Titans 
    Throughout the 45 days, the event puts its participants’ resilience, perseverance, and mettle to the test through exciting round-robin/knockout matches. The matches are played between the various Senior and Junior sections, also known as “Section Wars.” 
  • IMT Corporate Cup 
    Every B-School relies on corporate relations. The IMT Corporate Cup is a Sports Committee initiative to strengthen these ties through a weekend knockout cricket tournament. The tournament’s proceeds are all donated to a non-profit organization. 
  • Chakravyuh 
    The Sports Committee’s flagship event, dubbed as  the “Olympics of B-Schools,” is held every year. This event attracts over 8000 students from 25 of India’s top business schools. This thrilling 72-hour competition, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, features nonstop athletic pursuits across eight high-energy sports. IIM, SP JAIN, MDI, FMS, IIT, and IIFT are among the regular attendees. 
  • E-Xult 
    The most recent addition to the calendar was made with the difficult times of Covid-19 in mind. E-Xult is an online gaming tournament that focuses on competing in games that have moved the souls of our generation, such as CS:GO, Dota 2, Valorant, Chess, and others. 

Case competitions, assignments, and submissions are only a small part of your MBA journey. These events are intended to pique your interest and arouse your sporting zeal from within. Sports Committee looks forward to the holistic development of an individual through providing them an opportunity to come forward and showcase their talent. We thrive to inculcate a learning and exploring aspect indefinitely. 

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