Sports Committee

“We are what we repeatedly do,

Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”

The moment you chose IMT, you took your first step towards excellence. In an intellectually acclaimed world of B-Schools, it is essential to expose yourself to another dimension. Sports Committee provides you with the skillset to experience first-hand the basic intricacies of the corporate world while providing a platform to pursue your passion in sports. We carry out activities with wholehearted determination because “Your Entertainment is Our Responsibility.”

Our Major Events Include: 

  1. Sports Night

Sports Night, the inaugural sports event of IMT Ghaziabad, is a one-day event where senior and junior batch compete against each other for 9 events across 8 Sports. 

  1. The League of Titans

The longest-running event of IMT Ghaziabad is a knockout style league where all the sections from 1st and 2nd year compete against each other. This event is planned for 45 days. The teams compete against each other across 7 sports, with one winner in each. 

  1. IMT Corporate Cup

Sports Committee’s initiative is to bridge the gap between industry and institution by organizing the IMT Corporate Cup. It is a 2-day event spread over a weekend where corporates are invited to play a knockout cricket tournament. All the proceedings from the Corporate Cup are used to benefit and support an NGO. 

  1. Chakravyuh

The flagship sports event of IMT Ghaziabad is an event to which the entire B-School fraternity looks forward to every year. Nicknamed as the “Olympics of B-Schools”, it gathers participation from more than 8000 students from the top 25 B-Schools across India. More than two decades into its inception, this 72-hour extravaganza involves non-stop sporting action featuring 8 power-packed sports. IIMs, SP JAIN, MDI, FMS, IITs, and IIFT are a few regular participants. 

Byte Wars

For the first time, the Sports Committee of IMT Ghaziabad has organized an intra-college e-sports event, “Byte Wars.” Dynamism and Adaptability are some of the crucial traits of students at IMT, and the current agony phase has made them even more resilient. In these times of crisis, Byte Wars gave students a medium to indulge in healthy competition, interact and entertain themselves by breaking the barriers put up by the virtual platform. The theme of historical empires was followed throughout Byte Wars’ conduction, where the 19 sections of college represented different empires, aiming to restore the virtual throne’s order.


Sports Committee has always been upfront in fostering sports-spiritedness across the B-school vicinities. Even after facing considerable challenges and constant hurdles in their path this year, the Committee remained undeterred from their primary ideology. It launched the first-ever Inter B-School E-sports Event of IMT Ghaziabad, “E-Xult: The Virtue-al Voyage”.  The event entailed numerous virtual games, including but not limited to Chess, COD-M, CS: GO, Valorant, and Dota 2. All these events brought massive engagements from gaming enthusiasts across the B-schools. To pique the interest of non-gamers and ensure their entertainment, the Committee launched a 20-day campaign that involved various activities like fitness challenges, puzzles, etc.

IMT Sports League

Sports committee conducted IMT Sports League to immortalize the mark of the students, creating a unison of sports craving souls. The event included multiple games like Cricket, Basketball, Throwball, Football, Volleyball and Table Tennis. The event started with the legacy of on-ground promotion and marketing campaign, followed by trials for everyone to display their skills and auction for Cricket and Football. This event witnessed an amalgamation of determination, hard work, and sportsmanship in those two days of relentless action.

IMT 360°

Our inevitable endeavour to deliver the best has always led to numerous incredible pursuits. Although the pandemic year ravaged the dreams of IMTians to witness a thrilling campus life, the Sports committee has launched IMT 360 – a virtual, campus-like experience that would walk you through the whole vicinity of IMT. The mess hall, the hostel buildings, our beloved amphitheatre, and every other place used to enthral a B-school Student’s life are now just a click away ( ).

The Sports Committee has always focused on the overall development of students and excels in achieving their aim. Be it on the field or a virtual platform, the Sports Committee has always found and showcased talent as was discovered. We believe in learning and growing perpetually.

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