RACE - Research and Consultancy Enterprise

The Official Consulting Club of IMT Ghaziabad

Research and Consultancy Enterprise is the official Consulting Club of IMT Ghaziabad, which provides a platform for students to master the art of conducting insightful research and develop an understanding of the consulting landscape to gain significant exposure to the dynamic business world. A cohort of distinguished alums from various industries and the brightest students of the institute belonging to the RACE family enrich the experiential learning of the students at IMT. 


To be an esteemed and pre-eminent Consulting Club while contributing to the development of business and society. 


  • Provide students with an integrated platform for exploring the consulting landscape by collaborating with different industries. 
  • Boost the student community’s engagement in the consulting field with the help of various publications, case competitions, and other events of RACE. 
  • Provide expert consultancy solutions fostering lasting and impactful relationships with various organizations. 
  • Deliver unique and varied opportunities in the form of live projects for students to apply their classroom learnings in real life and promote innovation and excellence. 
  • Position RACE as the benchmark of Consulting at IMT and brand it as a one-stop solution for diverse business problems. 

Structure of the Team: 

The student members of RACE work in collaboration and coordination along the 5 main business verticals: 

  1. Research and Analytics: This team is responsible for performing in-depth analysis and research on the various industries, organizations, and the club’s consulting practices. 
  1. Content and Marketing: This team is responsible for enhancing the social media presence of RACE by sharing various insights and industry trends and also handling the marketing and promotional activities of the events. 
  1. Corporate and Industry Relations: This team is responsible for engaging with industry partners and working towards bringing in new opportunities by networking with renowned industry professionals.  
  1. Partnerships and Events: This team is responsible for conducting and managing all the significant events of RACE and engaging with the sponsors for the grand success of the events. 
  1. Operations and Finance: This team is responsible for managing all the operational and financial administrations of RACE. 


RACE conducts multiple engaging events throughout the year, which are as follows: 

  1. Koncentrix: The national-level inter-college case study competition is RACE’s flagship event, one of the most popular competitions in the Indian B-School circle. The event consists of two sub-events: Aarohan – The Consulting Conclave, and Konsulenza, The National Case Study Competition. 
  1. #IAmFreshmanConsultant: The strategy-based case study competition for the first-year students of IMT is conducted at the beginning of the MBA program to expose them to learning how to decode and tackle real-life business problems.  
  1. RACE for Case: The Alumni interaction events help the students get in-depth insights into decoding the mysteries of case competitions and learn how to emerge victorious from the past winners of the national Business case competitions. 
  1. Fireside Chat: The latest talkfest series aims to conduct informative chat sessions by industry experts and consultants, which helps the students learn what is not taught at the B-Schools. 

Activities and Initiatives: 

To help the students of IMT enrich their knowledge base and prepare for their Placement activities, the following activities and initiatives are conducted: 

  1. Digital Knowledge Initiatives like CompViews, Gazette, Trendz, and News Snippet: The digital information snippets assist the students with their placement preparations by providing information on the analysis of companies taking part in the placement process, business and geo-political events, major Marketing and IT trends around the world, etc. 
  1. Social Media Series like BizScan, Consulting 101, and Then & Now: The weekly social media posts by RACE on various business and geo-political events, consulting concepts, etc., help to enrich the student’s knowledge base. 
  1. Industry and Business Projects and Knowledge-Sharing Partners: Collaboration with organizations like The Product Folks, Skilled Sapiens, etc. for developing the students’ skill-sets and short-term project opportunities at various organizations like Caere India, Centella, etc., help the students at IMT to become the business leaders of tomorrow. 
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