RACE - Research and Consultancy Enterprise

The Official Consulting Club of IMT Ghaziabad

Founded in 2007, RACE offers a unique platform to the IMT Ghaziabad students to showcase and hone their holistic business acumen for a head start in the industry. It provides the much-needed exposure to help these future management professionals develop a thorough understanding of the business landscape. Regular industry & alumni connect along with continuous initiatives been taken by this student-run body makes it one of the important & functional focused clubs of IMT Ghaziabad. RACE has consistently produced some of the brightest graduates of the institute and has an alumni base comprising of notable industry stalwarts.

Why We Do?

Identify the Problems but give your Power and Energy to the Solutions!

Tony Robbins

RACE conducts and engages in a slew of activities to move forward with its objective of being a crucial contributor to the growth of both industry and the batch of potential managers from IMT Ghaziabad.

For the industry, it aims at providing expert consultancy solutions fostering lasting relationships with the industry folks and organizations. It offers research, consulting and advisory services in various domains like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, and Information Technology.

For the members of RACE as well as the whole IMT student batch at large, it provides unique & varied opportunities in the form of Live Projects from the industry. This enables those interested in pursuing a career in Research, Consulting & Strategy to think and act like a consultant to steward their analytical minds.

 How We Do?

To put its strategic ideas and initiatives to action, RACE works in a cohesive team of student members from IMT working along 4 main business verticals.

Business Development This team is responsible for managing and engaging with industry partners and sponsors during various activities & events. It also works towards bringing new opportunities for its members by exploring and networking with the existing leading industry professionals.

Content & Marketing – This team is engaged in providing industry overviews on a regular basis across different internal and external media channels for users to have brief insights about recent trends from various industries. It is also responsible for maintaining RACE’s social media presence and handling event marketing & promotions.

Research & Analytics – This team indulges in performing in-depth analysis of the various industries and perform research for the club’s consulting practices.

Operations & Finance – This team oversees the operational and financial administration of the club along its various activities.

RACE members get the opportunity to work across all the four verticals in periodic rotations to maximize their learning experience.

What We Do?


Sumgyaan – An interactive knowledge-sharing event conducted by the RACE members for their IMT peers that provides all of them with valuable industry insights during SIP preparation.

#IAmFreshmanConsultant – A strategy-based case-study competition for the first-year students of IMT Ghaziabad to give them the first outlook to decode and tackle real-life business problems. It is also one of the first B-School competitions that budding IMTians get to participate in at the beginning of their MBA program.

Koncentrix – This flagship event of RACE is a national level inter-college case-study competition that witnesses participation from all the top B-Schools in India. It comprises of three sub events- Intellectium, Continuum and Blitzkrieg.


CompViews – RACE aids in placement preparations for IMT students by providing them with meticulously crafted one-slider handouts called Compviews. It comprises of detailed analysis on all the companies participating in the placement processes including the recent sectoral, market and financials trends of their related industries. The intent is to provide detailed and crisp information while a student is preparing for the placement process so that they can get an edge and ace their interviews.

Industry & Business Projects – RACE has continuously engaged with the industry through various partnerships and collaboration projects. Some of the notable and recent partnerships include Partnership with organizations like EAGR, WICC (Women in Consulting Community – an international community of Female leaders in consulting to help provide equitable growth opportunities for women managers), Consultancy Services to companies like Super Heuristics, KM Enterprises, etc.

Senior Committee

Junior Committee

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