Make a Difference Foundation

About MADF

The essence of MBA education is to create individuals who add value not just to themselves but who make the world a better place to live in. This, precisely is the ethos of MADF. Established in 2004, MADF is the social initiative club of IMT Ghaziabad.  Set up with the sole aim of giving back to the society, the focus is not on charity, but on sustainable empowerment and social inclusion via awareness.


 MADF opens the doors for IMT students to reach out to the world outside and its vastly diverse people. The club has been involved in organizing a wide range of activities ranging from clothes donation (Sahyog), blood donation (Sanjeevani) to teaching the underprivileged children (Prayaas), having a fun filled day with kids (Joy of Giving) and spending time with special kids (Ehsaas). In addition to the social initiatives, MADF also runs a fully operational utility store (Needz), to cater the basic needs of IMTians. The members of MADF drive motivation from the sense of satisfaction derived out of enriching the lives of others.


Joy of Giving, is the fun filled flagship spectacle of MADF. It aims to spread happiness and celebrate life. Put in a nutshell, IMTians spend an eventful day with school children, filled with games, dance, and music, bringing a smile on each of their faces. Conducted in the month of November, MADF collects funds to be donated as school fees towards education of underprivileged children in association with SADRAG.

Sahyog, is a clothes collection drive, via which we collect clothes from the students and faculty. These are then cleaned and passed on to our partner NGO Goonj which makes sure it reaches those truly in the need for the same. Clothes are also distributed to the blue collared workers employed at our own campus. .

Sanjeevani, a blood donation camp, is organized twice a year in association with the Rotary club. In the past, the event has been met with overwhelming response by the students of IMT Ghaziabad. The aim is for blood to find its way to those truly in distress.

Ehsaas, a Team MADF Initiative in association with Asha Vidyalaya, a school for the specially abled children. We spend a day in their company and encourage their talent. The sheer will and the power of dreams of the children helps them overcome the hurdles that they face every day and it is us who come out richer for the experience.

An initiative by Team MADF, which aims to serve the most fundamental need for the betterment and advancement of society, Education. Every week, a MADF member visits a nearby school and helps the less fortunate children with their studies. These young minds have a penchant for knowledge and it is our duty to quench this thirst.

NEEDZ is a student driven convenience store, run by Team MADF in the IMT campus, to ensure that the daily essentials are within easy reach of every student. The store is a perfect example of social entrepreneurship, as the revenue generated from NEEDZ goes into various social causes and thus each student making a purchase becomes a part of the Bigger Change- the change that transforms lives.

MADF has always looked to form associations with various NGOs and corporate bodies to realize its vision but the true strength of MADF lies in coordinated volunteering and enthusiasm of IMTians, whose lives are touched by the initiatives of MADF. Every member of Team MADF knows the importance of balancing consumption with contribution. The ultimate goal of MADF is to create aware citizens out of budding corporate leaders who will be the change makers of tomorrow.

MADF has completed 10 glorious years at IMT Ghaziabad. We are the Heart of IMT and as the enthusiasm of the members and volunteers swell every year we plan to add more initiatives to our repertoire, to reach out to every strata of the society. And in this endeavour we solemnly pledge to Make a Difference.

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Senior Committee

The names are in the following order:

Bottom row (L to R): Rishi Ranjan, Devanshi Arora, Sangeeta Sadhu, Vijeta Gour, Sahil Kapoor
Top row (L to R): Abhishek Roy, Gokul Girish, Rashmi Singh, Farzeen Khan, Akshun Sachdev, Nayana Tilak, Divya Prakash

Junior Committee

Left to right : Vibhor Pratap Singh, Shashank Khandelwal, Aman Jain, Ayananshu Das, Arya Dutta, Udhit Singla, Anjali Garg, Munmun Telang, Ashwin Abraham, Ritam Bakshi, Anuroop Pulavarthy, Sumit Agarwal, Vageesh Arora, Vasu Dev Bansal, Dharmesh Goyal

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