Finnacle Investments

Finnacle Investments, the investment and asset management club of IMT, aims to familiarize the students with the functioning of capital markets and also develop an insight into the capital markets.


“Our aim is to prepare the next generation of fund managers who will drive and help shape the Indian financial markets over the next few decades”

Finnacle Investments is dedicated to train and educate students with a distinct interest in financial markets. We encourage our members to form their own perspective on the market based on in-depth research and analysis.

In addition to this we also arrange workshops with industry partners to impart practical skills and financial knowledge amongst the students at IMT Ghaziabad


Finnacle Investments, currently a 28-member team of PGDM students from IMT Ghaziabad actively manages a stock portfolio funded by the students along with imparting financial knowledge to all students at IMT Ghaziabad. Members of the club are involved in the day to day of the fund that includes activities like analysis, selection, tracking, and selling of stock stocks listed on the NSE and BSE.

Finnacle Investments also collaborates with our industry partners to organize various events for the benefit of IMTians. We have successfully organized several events like Open Outcry, NFO and Nivesh Mantra in 2015-16


Finnacle Investments, to give the new batch a taste of stock market trading, holds its first event OPEN OUTCRY in the second week of August. Every team is given a pre-determined portfolio, and the team have to trade amongst themselves or with the dealers, to maximise the value of their portfolios. The excitement was palpable by the climax, when an open auction was held so that people could compete directly against each other, giving them a taste of open markets.

Finnacle Investments launches its New Fund Offer (NFO) in the month of September, where the batch is asked to invest with Finnacle Investments. The money is invested across various sectors in the market, and the returns are given back to the batch at the end of the lock-in period. In the past couple of years, our mutual fund has given a return of more than 20% annually, and we do our best to beat market estimates.

The Flagship event of Finnacle Investments, Nivesh Mantra is held in December. It is an investment conclave which brings together experts from industry, academia and the student community on a common platform to discuss and debate on the markets and participate together in competitions that test the investment genius in students.

In addition to these, the committee sends out its sector reports to the college. This weekly update covers major global happenings in different sectorrs, their impact on Indian economy and capital markets. It helps in developing self-cognizance on how various sectors are performing during different times of the year and the rationale behind.

Senior Team

The names are in the following order:
(From left to right):
2nd row (L to R): Shubham Agarwal, Abhi Kothari, Nikhil Sharma, Shramit Bhargava
1st row (L to R): Vaibhav Varshney, Akshi Sharma, Aurosikha, Megha Bhalotia, Saket Sohan
Other Members: Tanisha Parul, Anuj Kumar Rai, Mounica Reddy Chereddy P

Junior Team

The names are in the following order:
(From left to right):
2nd row (L to R): Deepak Ahuja, Sridhar Reddy, Ayush Sharma, Malla Reddy, Simran Gupta, Devank Pandya, Ishan Singh, Suvan Agarwal
1st row (L to R): Atul Sherawat, Satwik Jain, Dhruv Adhlaka, Saumya Singhal, Isha Aggarwal, Sanket Mehta, Anchit Mittal, Kaushal Bhalotia

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