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The Entrepreneurship Cell of IMT Ghaziabad
Entrepreneurship Cell of IMT Ghaziabad is one of the major E-Cells in the country and is primarily responsible for fostering entrepreneurship amongst students and assisting budding entrepreneurs by providing them with necessary resources. E-Cell has supported several student ventures like Connect2MBA, College Khabar, I-Explore Consultancy, Tatsam Sports, Jazza Financials, Admito to name a few.
Our Vision: To develop, support and deliver the entrepreneurship spirit among students in their quest to achieve success in establishing their venture at all junctures.
Our Mission: To explore the opportunities for self-employment and inculcate the spirit of ‘Entrepreneurship’ in youth/IMTians. To foster the brightest ideas to one platform and convert them into business.

E-Conclave is the flagship event of E-Cell, which garners entrepreneurial talent from top B-Schools under one roof. E-Conclave covers a gamut of sub-events that include Next Big Venture (NBV), Case Maze, Panel Discussion, and Celeb Speak. The unified effort of all sub-events is to provide students with a closer look into the entrepreneurial world and bring to them some real-time business challenges. Also, the students get opportunities to work with start-ups through summer internships and short term projects.
Startup Weekend Powered by Google For Entrepreneurs, Ghaziabad
Everyone has had that itch at the back of their head at one time or another when they looked at a problem and thought, “This could be solved in this way….”. Startup Weekend is a platform which helps you bring “this way” to a reality, to a startup. Here, developers, hackers, designers, problem-solvers, business people come together to find problems, ideate on possible solutions and come up with a prototype for it in a matter of 54 hours! This is a high octane, bring-your-best-game event iced with fun, ideas and tonnes of awesome people to interact with and learn from!
Entrepreneur under Spotlight
Entrepreneur under Spotlight is an endeavour to bring to campus brilliant minds from the business and start-up spheres to share their entrepreneurial acumen with the students. We aim to bring leaders’ experiences, learning and expertise they have garnered over their long, illustrious careers. The idea is to educate the students and to promote free discussions regarding the various real-life issues in entrepreneurial ventures being faced by founders and entrepreneurs in different sectors. The lecture series has been graced by noteworthy speakers like K. Radhakrishnan (Co-Founder of Grocermax) and Paritosh Sharma (Author of ‘Patanjalize Your Brand’).
Concepto.exe provides a fantastic platform for the young minds of the first year students to showcase their entrepreneurial ideas and win exciting investment offers from their seniors. All the ideas are scrutinized by our respected faculties. To sum up, this event is a great opportunity for the young entrepreneurial minds of the college to share their unique business ideas, get connected with their peers having similar interests and find a realistic platform to design, develop and implement their business ideas.
Startup Forum
It is a unique forum hosted every week with different discussion topics that is relevant in various aspects of entrepreneurship and general business setting. It is joined by all those who already have a startup, or have an awesome business idea, or just want to have an amazing discussion on entrepreneurship, startups, various business practices, frameworks, etc.
The participants discuss about their entrepreneurial experiences, their startups and ideas in brief. They contribute to the discussion by giving their inputs on how to make the ideas better and also suggest key contacts which could be helpful. In each session, an extensive discussion is made on how the forum can be designed better and taken to the next level with boundless opportunities.
Hack2Solve was a nonstop 30 Hours Fintech Hackathon in collaboration with Jaarvis Accelarator and Incubate Ind conducted for the first time in IMT this year. Young minds from around the NCR region came to pitch their ideas on fintech startups. It also included successful startup’s pitching sessions and several other valuable workshops conducted by prominent speakers like Deepa Rath, VP Axis Bank, and many more from the fintech background.
All the ideas were evaluated by representatives from Jaarvis Accelarator and the best ideas were rewarded. To sum up, this event was a great opportunity for the young minds of the college to share their unique business ideas in the fintech domain, get connected with their peers having similar interests and find a realistic platform to design, develop and implement their business ideas.

E-Cell recently revamped its fortnightly newsletter under a new name “Emagine”. Emagine tries to conglomerate business and start-up news from global and Indian perspective. The newsletter also contains information about the start-up initiatives by students of IMT, E-Cell events, news, articles, and comic strips.

Additional Information
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Website – http://ecell-imtg.com
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ecell.imtg

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