Cultural Committee


Cultural Committee, IMT Ghaziabad 

The Cultural Committee of IMT Ghaziabad organizes religious offerings, cultural performances, and activities for festivals and other significant occasions to maintain multicultural harmony. 

According to the committee, a college should combine demanding academic requirements with an equivalent quantity of entertainment and activities. By providing the children with a platform to display their hidden talents, whether they are musicians, actors, dancers, authors, painters, or photographers, we hope to capture their bright personalities. The committee oversees the students’ comfort while they are on campus. 

The committee is responsible for organizing the following activities on campus:  


Zest: The first IMT high – “For the Juniors, By the Juniors”. A talent hunt cultural event sought to introduce the incoming batch’s skilled pool and serve as an icebreaker for B-school life. The college’s Cultural Committee organizes the event, and performances by individuals, couples, or groups are welcome. Participating in different cultural, non-cultural, and informal events allows participants to showcase their abilities and entertain the audience. With so many attendees and participation, Zest’22 was a blast this year. 


PASSION is a two-day cultural and managerial event held at IMT Ghaziabad. It usually takes place in November or December each year and is known as the “Mecca of B-School Fest.” 

Passion 2021 attracted more than a thousand students from numerous top colleges in India. It comprised various cultural events where everyone could exhibit their best talents. Every performing art genre, including music, dancing, singing, inventive commercial design, and drawing, was represented by many performances. All forms of participation, including solo, duet, and group performances, were welcomed, providing management students across India with a platform to demonstrate their talent and win acclaim. 


Fabula: The Nukkad-Natak event seeks to influence national social awareness to change society. To dramatically raise awareness of this worthy cause, we publicly showed the real issues expressed in Fabula outside of college in Delhi’s Central Park, Connaught Place, and New Delhi. Dignitaries from many theatrical fields were there to review the performances. Due to the high team turnout and the engaging and captivating topic of choice, the event gathered an audience of more than 500 individuals who were convulsed and gripped in portraying real but ignored societal problems. 


The group’s closing words are, “For the Seniors, By the Seniors.” The second-year students who are leaving Zest act on stage in a similar way to juniors do. It includes everything the people like performing, including dance, music, theatre, and drama. The graduating class makes memories by converting the school Amphitheatre into our stage on a freezing night in February. 


By introducing pupils to the Indian classical style of music, we attempted to introduce a new cultural element. 


Poetry and music genuinely honour the nationalistic spirit. Games and amusing activities were provided for the academics and staff members’ children. We followed an excellent organizational framework as we planned, coordinated, and carried out the event. 


We were appreciative of the opportunity to express our gratitude to our Professors for working so hard to give us the best education possible. 


In 2022, IMT hosted Dandiya Night for the third time. The breathtaking audience was captured on live video. Through this, we hope to start the holiday season and introduce the students to traditional Indian culture. 


During the Lohri Festival, which takes place in January, a sizable bonfire is constructed, and a thrilling and electrifying Bhangra is then performed. 


Holi was celebrated in IMT for the second time in the year 2020. Holi, held in March, was celebrated by the entire student body with Gulaal and delectable Gujiyas, welcomed by Messcomm. Due to the spread of Covid-19, it could not happen in 2021 and 2022. 

With events like the SAROD concert, DANDIYA night, LOHRI, and HOLI, the committee took steps to bring the country’s youth close to its cultural roots. Such initiatives & celebration of festivities ensure that we maintain the glorious Indian heritage and culture through joyous occasions and events. 


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