BGS Committee

Recognition of management students for achieving academic excellence is not only essential to fuel them to strive hard in further endeavors but also to differentiate them from other students in the eyes of prospective employers. Beta-Gamma-Sigma (BGS) is an international business honor society that recognizes the top 20 percentile of students from top AACSB accredited colleges worldwide and gives them lifetime membership into a prestigious honor society with many unparalleled benefits. 

BGS IMT is proud to be the 1st BGS chapter in India and represents India on the international platform. BGS IMT was awarded the Highest Honors Chapter award from the International BGS society for two consecutive academic years (2018-2019 and 2019-2020) and also in the academic year 2021-22. BGS committee aims to represent IMT as an outstanding BGS chapter globally among 600 BGS chapters. 

Our Initiatives: 

  • BGS Bit by Bit: Through this daily newsletter, we aim to provide a fun way for the readers to indulge in engaging news content without keeping the tabs on time! We bring 5 amazing stories in 5 minutes from 5 different sectors daily to keep the readers updated with the latest happenings. 
  • BGS Managers for Humanity: Keeping up with the legacy of BGS honor society, we launched our new initiative, “Managers for Humanity – Helping those who help others”. Our committee aims to provide a platform for the students to go beyond the confines of the classroom and explore the real-life tasks & challenges of NGOs. By leveraging classroom learnings, the students will be able to give back to society and become “Managers for Humanity” in its true essence. 
  • BGS Felicitation Ceremony and Business Conclave: BGS IMT works closely with the BGS Society and helps them recognize the meritorious students from every batch and facilitates the induction of the top 20% MBA students of IMT Ghaziabad into the BGS International Honor Society. BGS Felicitation ceremony recognizes the students who have been incorporated into BGS society and awards them with lifetime membership of BGS society. 
  • BGS Topper’s Talk and Business Quiz competition: It is exclusively organized for first-year students to introduce them to the top 20 percentilers, International BGS society, BGS membership, and its benefits. 
  • BGS Alumni Network: Our focus is to provide students with better opportunities to build their network stronger. BGS Alumni Meet is a part of various initiatives to achieve that. We as a BGS chapter are proud to be a part of global Alumni networks and take pride in having global footprints through numerous international collaborations. 

The committee aims to provide a platform for students to network, learn and build international connections with our fellow BGS chapters across the globe and provide an array of exclusive educational and professional benefits throughout their professional lives. 



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