Alumni Relationship Committee

The Alumni Relationship Committee aims to nurture an ever-growing bond between the vibrant alumni base and the Institute to build the brand of IMT Ghaziabad. To foster alumni engagement and enhance networking, we organize All India Alumni Meets (AIAM) in the major hubs of India and reunions for various batches. With the help of our alumni network, we also aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry for the current batches via initiatives like Short-Term/Live Projects and the Mentorship Program, through which students gain hands-on industry experience and avail career guidance.  
Brief about our activities,  

Short Term Projects – An initiative focused towards procuring implementable live projects for the current students at IMT to create value in the industry. The rich pool of IMT’s alumni comprising dignitaries who foray into various industries and domains is approached, and live projects are bagged. These provide the students with a chance to acquire industry relevant skills, and learn and apply management techniques coupled with the experience of working in a professional space whilst pursuing academics. Various companies have kept the practice of recruiting students from IMT up and going for short projects, including prestigious brands like Dabur, Zee5, Daily Hunt, startups like Pink Woolf, Ezebuy, Mirus Solutions, independent consultants like Bhanu Kaila, among others. 

Mentorship Program – The Mentorship program is aimed at providing students with a learning opportunity from the individual experiences of industry experts. The program not only enhances the professional etiquette of the students but also grooms them personally to prepare them to achieve their long-term goals. In the academic year 2021-22, mentors with diverse experiences from domains like Insurance, Automobile, Banking, FMCG, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital took part and shared their immense knowledge with the students.  

Expert Series Talks– is a touchpoint for the alumni to provide knowledge and insights specific to their domain and share their experiences with the students. Through a series of guest lectures, students develop an understanding of varied companies and industries.  

Reflections – refers to the bi-annual magazine for the alumni, which covers a plethora of achievements and news regarding established alumni across all domains, alumni interviews, alumni events, including the annual Reunions and All India Alumni Meets, as well as campus activities throughout the academic year.  

All India Alumni Meets and Reunions – AIAMs are conducted as annual alumni dinners, which serve as occasions for alumni to engage with each other across several metropolitan cities. These gatherings are the most noteworthy events for the IMT alumni fraternity in terms of alumni volume and level of interaction.  

Fireside Chats – Fireside chats are Panel Interactions between IMT’s prestigious alumni who are veteran leaders in their domains, hosted by the current Director of IMT in the audience of IMT’s students. These help spark necessary conversations around leading trends ranging from industry insights to personal wisdom with the backdrop of the leaders’ expertise. 

Leadership Talks – Leadership talks are interactions between the prominent alumni and students of IMT that create value by capturing insights from alumni currently active or experts in their respective industries and helping students get a glance into the corporate culture from the alumni’s perspectives. 

Reunions are organized as a congregation of the alumni, specific to a certain batch, at the IMT Ghaziabad campus, which celebrate 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of graduation from the Institute.  


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