Academic Committee

Everyone sees the glory moments, but they don’t see what happens behind the scenes.” – Allyson Felix

Tip of the Iceberg

The Academic Committee is responsible for ensuring that there is a smooth functioning of the administration integral to the institution. Our main objective is to ensure a healthy academic atmosphere and enhancement of the learning experience.

  • We are the interface between the student community, the faculty, and the institute’s management.
  • We act as a bridge that resolves student grievances related to academics.
  • The representation of the student cohort in terms of the academia is our primary responsibility and we carry it out with supreme care. The connection established helps in the seamless delivery of information and the grievance redressal of the students.
  • Pivotal tasks like attendance, class functions, peer learnings are all undertaken by us. The overall MBA experience is made much more enriching as nobody likes impediments in their journey.
  • The bridge between the academic administration and student fraternity is carefully nurtured so that the concerned stakeholders are always on the same page. We work hand in hand with the PGP administration, Director, PGDM Chairperson and Area Chairs to ensure the proper maintenance of academic rigor and smooth functioning of classes and examinations. The PGP Chairperson is our mentor and under their astute guidance all the activities are crafted for the best possible experience to the students.

Beneath the waters

  • Apart from academics, the Committee is also involved in developing the students by imbibing them with rich experiences from extra-curricular activities which are undertaken by the committee.
  • The Committee undertakes both intra and inter college events. The Committee organises our flagship event ‘FLAMES’ that consists of events such as case competitions, mad-ads, quizzes and so on. The event encourages the students to interact with their peers broaden their horizons and apply their learnings from classes.
  • On the inter-college front, we organise our flagship event ‘IGNITE’, a case study competition that explores various tracks and encourages application of skills learnt in classes to real life problems.
  • Furthermore, we organise peer-to-peer learning sessions where students learn from each other in preparation of the examinations. These sessions see a very heavy turnout from the batch and are also a popular tool for exam preparation in the IMT Community.
  • In addition to the same, we leverage external relations and organise live projects for the students to ensure that the student community is constantly apprised of working conditions and experiential growth.
  • We monitor upcoming changes in management and provide recommendations to make students academically ready to meet industry demands. Moreover, the Committee is constantly looking for new ways to engage with and assist the students in their MBA journey.

How we work

Even in the virtual mode of MBA, the committee sustained numerous challenges and smoothly sailed through all of them. However, the Committee endeavours to leverage its three biggest assets namely, our People, our Processes, and our Performance to deliver on our aims and objectives. Being a small committee has helped in ensuring smooth flow of information and transition of functions. We constantly experiment with the processes that we could use to do mundane things more efficiently and race against time. We review our performance consistently to ensure we have set our benchmarks and achieve the objectives that we set for ourselves.

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