Academic Committee

Academic Committee  

“Everyone sees the glory moments, but they don’t see what happens behind the scenes.” – Allyson Felix  

Tip of the Iceberg  

To foster a positive academic environment and improve the educational process, the Academic Committee collaborates closely with the administration. In order to achieve this, we are in constant communication with the PGP Chairperson, who serves as our committee’s coordinator.  

Our primary priority is to speak for the academic student body. 

By guaranteeing smooth information distribution and the resolution of student complaints, we serve as a liaison between the student fraternity, the faculty, and the institute management.  

In order to create the greatest experience for the students, we collaborate closely with the PGP administration, Director, PGDM Chairperson, and Area Chairs. We also carry out important duties such as coordination of classes, attendance, peer learning etc. to ensure proper academic rigour and smooth functioning of classes and examinations.  

Under the waters 

In order to interact with and support the students while they pursue their MBAs, the Committee is always considering fresh approaches. By planning rich experiences in the form of extracurricular activities, the Committee contributes to student growth in addition to academics.  

Events for within- and between-college competition are organized by the Committee. A variety of competitions, including case competitions, mad-ads, quizzes, and other events are organized by the Committee within the institute under the banner of “FLAMES.” The occasion enables the students to speak with their peers, widen their horizons, and use what they have learned.  

On the intercollegiate front, our signature event, “IGNITE,” is a national level case study competition that explores several tracks and pushes competitors to tackle real-world challenges.  

Our peer learning sessions draw a sizable number of attendees from the class and are a well-liked method among IMT members for getting ready for exams.  

Additionally, we work with the faculty to determine areas that need more study, and we invite experts in sustainability, leadership, and talent de 

How we work  

The Academic Committee works to maximize its three most valuable resources, namely our People, our Processes, and our Performance, in order to achieve our goals.  

We handpick a small number of students each year to carry on our legacy with an emphasis on quality above quantity. We have been able to secure a smooth transfer of information and tasks through the channels that have been created for information and dispute resolution. To maximize efficiency in our daily operations, we continually experiment with our processes. We continuously assess our performance to make sure we not only meet but also surpass our benchmarks. 


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