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Industry recognised PG Certification

Better Career Opportunities

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Program Highlights

Career Support & Growth

Get recognized as an alumnus of one of India’s top-ranked MBA college and also access to IMT Ghaziabad alumni job portal.
Land jobs at top companies through our 1:1 industry mentoring, CV & interview preparation, mock hiring tests and UpGrad’s career support with its industry partners.
Guaranteed 20 internships in digital marketing for younger professionals at disruptive digital companies.

Industry Relevant Curriculum & Offline Networking

Become future ready by mastering the concepts through 13 industry designed case studies and projects, 2 live projects and 5 mentorship sessions.
Participate in offline Base Camps and 3 meetups with peers, industry leaders, and faculty to grow your network.
Exclusive two-day workshop at IMT Ghaziabad campus on social media, analytics, CRM and soft skills, complimentary for our top 50 performers

Ease of Learning & No Final Exams

Earn credentials while staying on the job.
Access the content through the website and mobile app anywhere anytime.
No final exams

Program Curriculum

Introduction to Management and Leadership

Introduction to Management:

  • Organizational processes – vision, mission, business models
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Introduction to Leadership

Managerial Communication:

  • Non verbal communication and body language
  • Verbal Communications and Speeches
  • Managerial Writing

Individual, Group and Organisational Behaviour:

  • Motivation, Conflict and Stress Management
  • Organisational Design in the Digital Age
  • Interpersonal Interactions
  • Perception, Power and Influence at Work
  • Organisational Culture

Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness:

  • Introduction to EQ and Emotional Competenties
  • Cultivating Executive EQ

Managerial Decision Making:

  • Critical Incident Method
  • Situational Analysis
  • Soft System Analysis
Market Research and Consumer Behavior

Research Design and Secondary Research:

  • Research Design
  • Secondary Research

Primary Research:

  • Qualitative Research: Classic and Contemporary methods
  • Quantitative Reseach: Survey Design
  • Quantitative Reseach: Measurement
  • Quantitative Reseach: Sampling and Experimentation
Product Development and Management

User Experience and Design:

  • User Centered Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usuability Testing

Minimum Viable Product:

  • Introduction to MVP
  • Building a MVP

Product Development:

  • Product Development
  • Product Planning
  • Overview of Tech
  • Overview of Product Deployment
Managerial Economics and Finance

Managerial Economics:

  • Production and Cost Decisions
  • Consumer Analysis and Demand Forecasting
  • External Business Environment Analysis

Financial Terminologies and Statements:

  • Financial Terminology and Concepts
  • Analyzing Balance sheets
  • Analyzing Income statements
  • Analyzing Cash flow statements

Business and Financial Strategy:

  • Cutting expenses to boost the Bottomline
  • Inventory and Cash strategies
HR Management, Ethics and Legal

Human Resource Management:

  • Role of HR and HR Processes
  • HR Process Integration with relevant tools
  • Emerging Trends in HRM

Business Law:

  • Contracts and Agreements: The Indian Contract Act
  • Companies and Organisations: The Companies Act
  • Business Partnerships: The Partnership Act

Business Ethics:

  • Introduction to Business Ethics
  • Decision Making Frameworks for Ethical Dilemmas
  • Ethics in various Business Functions
  • Corporate Social Responsibilty
Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing :

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • STP
  • Marketing Mix or 4Ps
  • Elements of a Brand
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Analyzing Market Potential
  • Consumer Funnel

Evolution of Sales and Marketing :

  • Sales Team Structure across Organisations
  • Digitalization’s Impact on Sales and Marketing

Consumer Behaviour :

  • Introduction to the Study of Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Decision Making Process
  • Psychological Influences on Consumer Decision Making
  • Models of Consumer Behavior
  • B2B Buying
Marketing Channels and Platforms

Content Marketing :

  • Building a Content Strategy
  • Creating a compelling content
  • Distributing content and analysing performance

Website Building :

  • Types of Websites and Conceptial Design
  • Visual Design, Implementation and Testing

Social Media Marketing :

  • Establishing a brand’s social identity
  • Formulating Social Media Strategy
  • Measuring and Optimising Social Media Performance
  • Measuring and Optimising Social Media Performance
  • Social Media Ad Platforms Walkthrough
  • Social Media Management and Listening Tools Walkthrough

Search Engine Optimization :

  • Creating an SEO Strategy
  • Executing SEO strategy
  • Analysing SEO gaps and optimise
  • Google Webmaster and Woorank Walkthrough

Search Engine Marketing :

  • SEM campaign setup
  • SEM optimization
  • Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Google Sponsored Promotion and Google Adwords Walkthrough

Display Marketing :

  • Display advertising basics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google Display Network Walkthrough

Email Marketing :

  • Understanding Email marketing
  • Drafting an email strategy
  • Building and Managing an email list
  • Email Automation
  • Email Marketing Analysis and Optimization
  • Autopilot (Email Automation Tool) Walkthrough

Remarketing :

  • Understanding Remarketing
  • Types of Remarketing Strategies and Communication
  • Analysing Remarketing List Performances and Communications

Growth Hacking :

  • Prerequisites for Growth
  • Acquisition and Activation Growth Hacking
  • Retention, Referral and Revenue Growth Hacking

Emerging Digital Mediums :

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing

Event and Outdoor Marketing Channels :

  • Event Marketing
  • Outdoor Advertising

Television, Radio and Print Marketing Channels :

  • Television and Radio Advertising
  • Print Publication Advertising
Distribution Management

Channel Structure And Functions

  • Objective of Channel Intermediaries, Functions of a Channel

Channel Design

  • Channel Objectives, Efect  of Product Characteristics on Channel Design, Evaluation of Alternatives, Distribution Channels Segmentation, Designed Channel Implemen-

Wholesaling and Retailing

  • Introduction to Wholesaling and Retailing, Strategic Issues in Retailing, Strategic
  • Issues in Wholesaling

Evaluating Channels: Cost and Profitability

  • Understanding Cost Analysis, Full Costing vs Segmental Costing: Cost classification and contribution approach, Activity based costing (ABC), Strategic Profit Model

Channel Control

  • Managing Channel Conflicts, Channel Information Systems

Franchising and Legal Issues In Marketing Channels

  • Franchising, Channel Policies and Issues
Lead and Customer Relationship Management

Lead Management

  • Lead Qualification Framework, Lead Activity Measurement

Customer Relationship Management

  • Need and Implementation of CRM, Customer Loyalty, Loyalty Programs and Service Oferings,  Customer Profitability Analysis, Satisfaction-Profit Chain, Resource Allocation
Sales and Marketing Analytics

Excel as a Tool

  • Pivot tables for marketing data, Excel charts and functions for marketing data

Pricing Analytics

  • Demand Curves and Price Optimization, Price Bundling, Non Linear Pricing


  • Simple Regression, Correlation and Multiple Regression, Modelling Trend and Seasonality, Winter’s Method, Conjoint Analysis, Sales Forecasting

Advertising and Promotion Analytics

  • Promotion Analytics, Advertising  Efectiveness  Measurement

Customer Valuation

  • Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Acquisition and Retention Marketing Resource Allocation Optimization

Sales Analytics

  • Market Basket Analysis and Lift, RFM Analysis and Direct Mail Campaigns Optimization, Retail Space and Sales Resources Allocation Optimization

Web Analytics

  • Introduction to Web Analytics, Google Analytics walkthrough, Advanced Google Analytics
Business Growth Strategy

Multi Channel Marketing Strategies

  • Omni Channel Marketing Strategies, Integrated Marketing Strategy

Financial Acumen for Marketing

  • Financial Reporting Model, Break-even Analysis, Budget Allocation in Campaigns

Sales Planning

  • Sales Quotas, Sales Budgets
Sales Team Building and Evaluation

Hiring and Training Sales Personnel

  • Sales Personnel selection, Importance and types of Sales Training, Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Sales training programs

Territory Management

  • Developing territories, Territory Management System

Leading  and Evaluating The Sales Force

  • Salesforce, Sales Compensation Plans and Team Evaluation

Insights from Academicians & Industry Experts

Program Details

Program Duration
10 Months

Program Fee
INR 1,20,000 (plus taxes)
Flexible Payment Options Available

Bachelor’s degree in any field

Selection Process
Submit your application on UpGrad’s website with relevant information related to your profile to get shortlisted

Program Starts
June 2018

About UpGrad

UpGrad is one of India’s largest online education platforms providing industry relevant programs for professionals, designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class businesses houses. Merging the latest technology, pedagogy and services, UpGrad delivers an immersive learning experience for the digital world – anytime, anywhere. This PG Program in Managment will help professionals to expedite their career growth or make transition to managerial positions with specialization in marketing and sales.

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