Full Time PGDM OR PGDM WE (Working Professionals) program? Which one is right for YOU?

August 19, 2022 | Blog

Written by:  Rohit Sindhwani,
Assistant Professor, IMT Ghaziabad

The past two years has significantly disrupted major economies and caused immeasurable damage several industries across the globe. The higher education courses for business management needed a revamp as the faculty understood the importance of disruption management and building resilience. The immense popularity of digital learning during the pandemic era provided a lucrative option to students who wished to pursue PDGM while working. While the students pursuing full time PGDM or MBA courses struggled to cope up with the online learning, the PGDM WE (Working professionals) programs or PGDM Part time or Part time MBA prospered with innumerable learning prospects. As the economy recovers from the pandemic downturn, the prospective students are again deliberating on the question; whether to pursue full time PGDM or PGDM WE program?

Interestingly, the full time PGDM and PGDM WE programs have got both pros and cons. The full time PGDM program is a rigorous two-year program that promotes peer learning in a controlled environment. This promotes a competitive atmosphere together with helping in the growth of early stage professionals. However, given the uncertainties attached with the business environment, two years may be a longer duration to forecast about the future prospects. On the other hand, the executive PGDM for working professionals at IMT Ghaziabad, earlier known as PGDM Part time, is well designed and provides useful upskilling opportunity for the industry professionals while being involved in the daily operations of the organization. Thus, students can continue to earn while learning the basic necessities of the business. However, executives tend to devote less time on education and peer interaction and more time on industry related problems. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the needs of early stage or later stage industry professionals while deciding on the appropriate program choice. The gap between the expectations and perceptions of the PDGM programs need to be bridged through a judicious need gap analysis. That said, both the programs will be of immense benefit for the professionals in the long term.

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