IMT-H Performance in Various B-School Rankings over the Years

IMT-H has seen continuous improvement on various B-School ranking surveys over the years. From falling in the 51-75 rank band in NIRF2018, IMT-H was ranked 67th in NIRF 2019, which improved to 61st rank in NIRF 2020.

In the Education World’s (EW) B-School surveys, IMT-H’s ranking among the Private B-Schools have depicted consistent improvement. In the EW survey conducted in 2018-19, IMT-H was ranked 28th , which improved to 23rd in 2019-20 and further to 17th rank among the Private B-Schools in 2020-21.

IMT-H has maintained its rank in the Business World (BW) B-School survey despite the increase in the number of B-Schools considered in that ranking. IMT-H was ranked 25 out of 159 All-India Private B-Schools and was ranked 9 among 44 Private B-Schools in South India in 2019-20 and it maintained its rank of 25 out of 164 All-India Private B-Schools and rank place 9 among 52 Private B-Schools in South India in 2020-21.

Substantial jump in ranking was seen in the Careers360 rankings of the Private B-Schools. Ranked 38 among Private B-schools in 2019-20, IMT-H’s rank increased to 21 among Private B-schools in 2020-21.

In the Week-Hansa B-School Research Survey, IMT-H’s ranking improved from the rank of 40 among the 156 Private B-Schools ranked in 2019-20 to the rank of 36 among the 159 Private B-Schools ranked in 2020-21

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