The PGDM Cohort of Class 2024 at IMT

Nov 3, 2022 | IMT Ghaziabad

Vaibhav Sapra

Vaibhav Sapra

IMT Ghaziabad PGDM
Batch 2022-24

With restrictions being lifted and the pandemic becoming relatively less severe towards the beginning of 2022, MBA aspirants finally saw a ray of hope of classes resuming in offline mode. MBA, a course with peer-to-peer learning and on-campus experiential learning as its intrinsic characteristics, becomes more relevant for aspirants endeavoring to grasp maximum knowledge and aiming to enhance their personalities through this course. Given what we saw in the last couple of years, with the unprecedented global pandemic sweeping the planet and taking its toll on the world in the most barbarous manner, chances of life returning to normalcy were quite bleak. The Cohort of Class 2024 at Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad can consider itself to be born under a lucky star, having got the opportunity to be a part of the PGDM course while being physically present on the IMT premises. The fervor and the exhilaration seen in the students upon joining college is testimony to this.

The Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Management is a two-year, full-time, AICTE-approved curriculum aimed at educating aspiring managers in several management functional areas. Through required courses, specialized courses, and an internship project, PGDM students earn their credits. The demanding nature of the program gives the applicants the hard and soft skills they need to eventually succeed in a leadership position. The program offers a variety of specialization streams from a range of functional areas, and students can choose their preferred specialization field.

The 2022-24 PGDM batch profile of IMT is eminently diverse, with people from variegated academic and professional backgrounds constituting the cohort. The Institute offers both merit-based and profile-based shortlists to candidates to ensure that there is a good blend of talent, creativity, and knowledge in the batch. People from different parts of the country have come to the IMT Ghaziabad campus with the yearning to become future managers and take the world of business by storm. This helps bring in cultural diversity and cultivates the values of inclusiveness and collaboration. The batch comprises engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, commerce graduates, psychologists, and whatnot. The varied life experiences and professional experiences that these students bring to the table help create immense value when it comes to learning.

As far as the 2022-24 batch profile is concerned, male students constitute 80 percent of the batch, while female students constitute 20 percent. The total batch size is around 600 odd students. The specializations offered at IMT are Marketing, Finance, BFS, Operations, and HR. Nearly 63 percent of the batch has taken up Marketing as the Major subject in the course. Finance students account for 21 percent of the batch. BFS, Operations, and HR students account for 12, 3, and 1 percent of the batch, respectively. The batch is a good mix of freshers and experienced candidates.

The Sports culture at IMT resonates with the values of the institution. It inculcates companionship and team spirit in individuals. Students have the opportunity to play various sports such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Table-Tennis, and Basketball. Chakravyuh, which is the annual Sports Fest of IMT Ghaziabad, is a Gala Event and is one of the most anticipated and fiercely competitive inter-school competitions in the nation. It has always had a dash of glamour, with the best and the brightest of sports enthusiasts coming to inspire and support their competitors.

At IMT, students have the opportunity to be a part of various clubs and committees to hone their leadership and management skills. Some of these committees include Academic Committee, Admissions Committee, Alumni Relationship Committee, Cultural Committee, IMTeam PRISM (Public Relations Information and Social Media) Committee, and the Sports Committee. Students interact and work together towards common goals in these committees, which is a tremendously immersive learning experience for them. They take up influential roles in these committees, organize Mega events and coordinate the day-to-day activities pertaining to the scope of their respective committees.

It is said that the sun never sets in IMT. Throughout the day, you may watch students working on their assignments. Students have a packed schedule for the day, starting in the morning. The Institute’s tightly knit and integrated residential community is one of its most distinguishing features. For the finest study support, the library and computer labs are open twenty-four hours a day. IMT boasts a bustling campus community with a variety of ways to spend your free time. The Institute features a stunning, pollution-free campus with sweeping greenery, tasteful landscaping, and lovely flowerbeds. The range of chances to take part in an overwhelming number of exercises available outside of the classroom mirrors the variety of options available inside IMT’s classrooms. These exercises are an important component of the training at IMT. Students gain a tremendous degree of confidence by being directly involved in every aspect of IMT life and working on projects that are larger than life. Working together through partnership and academic mobility opens a lot of windows and introduces us to a new world of opportunities.

People with different opinions interact with each other, share their knowledge and ideas and build on their ideas to learn and grow. These learnings are invaluable and help individuals develop a rational and holistic approach to looking at things. This also helps foster acceptance of the opinions of others and the importance of valuing their input. The exercise of knowledge creates emotional attachments and continuity and helps create relationships beyond biological ones. Learning in this way eliminates perceptual boundaries and thereby augments one’s imagination and power of contemplation. It prepares the students to face life’s adversities with a broader mindset and plays an instrumental role in removing the blinkers that restrict our scope of vision. The PGDM program at IMT provides a platform to explore our inner potential and grooms us to become torchbearers that illuminate the path for not only ourselves; but for society at large. It tailors us to meet our requirements and also to become pioneers of an improved world for others to dwell in.

I strongly believe that a program like PGDM teaches us that we shouldn’t restrict our thoughts to certain boundaries and should rather learn to take things with a pinch of salt and validate facts before resorting to any conclusions. An unleashed mind seeks to inspire out-of-the-box thinking and immensely contributes to the overall development of an individual. The exigencies of our social and cultural system require us to come out all guns blazing; trying to explore new destinations and focusing on innovative learning, and what better channel to do this other than a course like an MBA? It is time for us to raise the bar and try to create a better world for everybody. It is when we accomplish this; our purpose in life is fulfilled.

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