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Nov 10, 2021 | Blog

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Programs at the Institute of Management Technology – Nagpur (IMT-Nagpur) lays the groundwork for a successful career in business management by teaching you the fundamentals of organization and management. Come learn leadership and innovative management practices in businesses and organizations by taking the plunge. While studying multidisciplinary management strategy, such as marketing management, human resources, sales management, global markets, operations and innovation, you’ll strengthen your awareness of economic, financial, and technological challenges.

Why IMT-Nagpur:

  • Renowned business school
  • Acquire new skills and expand your knowledge
  • Work with inspiring facilitators and mentors
  • Excellent placement assistance resulting in lucrative role.
  • One of the top ranked B-School located in Maharashtra.

What makes IMT-Nagpur a unique proposition (as compared to our peers):

  • Academic Flexibility: Learners can choose from a multitude of electives, some of which may be available in the first year of the curriculum – in the form of ‘Flexi-Core’, which provides a wide variety of choices. In the second year of the study, you can choose courses for a second ‘Minor’ area of focus in addition to one ‘Major’ area. Each student gets a unique academic experience as a result of the academic freedom to choose his or her own route.
  • Corporate Engagement: At IMT-Nagpur, you will learn not only from an exceptional pool of educators, but also from corporate business leaders who are a vital part of the instructional process. Our courses handle real-life business difficulties using practical knowledge derived from our own research and case studies, allowing you to create and implement your own practical business solutions. IMT-Nagpur hosts various guest lectures (by experts and highly acclaimed practitioners), specialized networking events, and initiatives throughout the year to further enhance your corporate exposure.
  • Industry Ready Skills: Develop a competitive advantage for yourself by concentrating in new management topics such as Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Industry 4.0, etc. These new age courses along with the relevant skill sets are the work readiness training that will get you started on your path to a successful career. The goal is to provide all that the employer needs and expects you to know even before you start working.
  • Student-Driven co and extra-curricular activities: At IMT-Nagpur, we take a student-centered, largely student-led approach. They have the freedom to plan and execute numerous Institute events while also deploying their managerial and leadership abilities. Beyond the four walls of the classroom, it adds a lot of value, meaning, engagement, and enjoyment to the learning process. The fundamental advantage of a student-driven campus is that students have seemingly gone through a plethora of portfolios and work by the time they graduate. They will gain valuable experience that is directly applicable to what they will be doing as future business managers or business owners by working on real-life situations. Students regularly get to engage with external agencies when working on committees, forums, clubs, and other various activities; not only do they confront real-life challenges, but they also get valuable connections and opportunities that can help them develop their profiles in more ways than one.

  • Experiential Learning through Lab Courses: Our Lab Courses are unparalleled in their originality and epitomizes our experiential learning at IMT-Nagpur. The methodology used in these lab courses is project-based learning and assessment, which connects learners to the actual world. It almost replicates and simulates working professional situations. This allows students to develop and concentrate in on much-needed and sought-after business abilities. Some of the off-shoot benefits of these unique courses are:
  • Problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.
  • Creativity and the ability to work together with other individuals
  • Work as a team, negotiate and communicate with each other.

IMT- Nagpur invites you to join the league of achievers and expand your potential – a business school which gets ranked amongst the best in Central India; enliven and share your learnings with top-tier faculty, facilitators, mentors and practicing professionals; and give your career a professional boost with a heady combination of academic rigor with practical experience.

Applications open for IMT Two year PGDM program 2022-24. Know more

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