How IMT helps you build and advance your career goals?

Mar 26, 2021 | Blog

Prakash Pathak

Head – Corporate Relations & Placements, IMT Hyderabad

This article has been written with a view to explain how IMT assists its fresh out of B School students create and secure a career path for themselves. The article explains in detail how the students benefit from a meticulous program created by IMT for its students, not only to get their first job after their PGDM, but to accomplish their larger goals in life. The article takes into account the experience of the author during his tenure in placing students in some of the large corporates, mid-sized companies and start-ups in India and abroad. Various insights from formal and informal communication with the alumni of the institute have been taken to derive inputs from their experiences, understandings and success stories. Also, a very momentous aspect of understandings from Industry leaders on what they expect from fresh B School graduates, has been taken into account.

Difference between a ‘Job’ and ‘Career’.

Before we proceed, it is very important for MBA aspirants to understand the difference between a Job and a Career, as they are often mixed or misunderstood by aspirants. The most basic difference between the two that can be explained in simple terms is as follows:

While a Job is an assignment taken by a person to get a monetary compensation that can take care of his/ her financial needs,

A Career is a series of thoughtful steps that a person takes to achieve a larger goal or set of goals in his/ her life.

So, while in a ‘Job’ the most important aspect is the remuneration, a person looking for a ‘Career’ considers many more aspects like the brand he/ she is joining, the industry sector and most importantly his/ her skill sets that match with the job profile.

How IMT helps you build and advance your Career?

With the definition of a ‘Job’ and a ‘Career’ being clarified, let us now look at some of the unique steps that IMT takes to build the careers of its students.

At IMT, placements is a series of stages that a student undergoes right from Day 1 at the institute. During the two years that a student spends here, meticulous efforts by the Corporate Relations Team and faculty are undertaken to look at the student interests, identify skill gaps, and work on them to make the student not just industry ready but also ‘future-ready’. This is done by giving the student enough exposure with the industry where he/ she can work and interact with industry and industry leaders and get useful insights. Some of these interventions include:

  1. Live projects

Students are given the option to do live projects with the industry. The industry partners give real life industry problems to the students which are area and sector specific. The student selects the area and sector of his/ her interest and participates in these live projects to get real time industry exposure. These projects help the student get a first-hand experience of management subjects and get his/ her basics right.

  1. Practitioner sessions

At IMT, real-time information with insightful happenings in the industry is being conveyed to the students in the form of practitioner sessions conducted by senior leaders from the corporate world. Almost 20% of every course structure is being covered by corporate giants to ensure that the students are well updated about the contemporary business scenarios.

  1. Leadership Series Lectures and Guest Lectures

CXOs from various leading corporates and speakers with proven expertise are invited to the college to share their business building experience with the students. Students not only get different perspectives, but also insightful knowledge that they can apply in their personal and professional fronts. This opens them to new ideas and do some out-of-box thinking.

  1. Summer Internship program

Summer internship is the express ticket to the career of dreams, helping a student bridge the gap between knowledge gained in theory and practice. It provides the students with plethora of opportunities to apply their classroom knowledge on the field and at the same time get a chance to step in the real corporate world. It is all about exploration, learning, building skills and planning the long term goals.

  1. Industry mentor-mentee program

Open to select students carefully chosen by the faculty and corporate relations office, this program provides students an opportunity to be hand-held by senior leaders from the industry. Each student is allocated an industry mentor who is a senior leader. The student works with his/ her mentor very closely on a project for five months during which the student hones her various skills under the guidance of the mentor. A very effective program opening a plethora of opportunities for the mentee students.

  1. Employment readiness Training

This is one of the most unique aspect at IMT. Students are not just thrown into deep waters by asking them to face the placement interviews, but given meticulous and to the extent possible individual attention based trainings to prepare them for the final placement interviews.

The training is covered in six phases with each phased designed to achieve a purpose. At the end of the training, students will be able to develop a professional CV and a video CV, ready to face psychometric tests, prepare themselves for a personal interview and go through a series of questions via an LMS.

The Phase wise details are as follows:

In Phase I students are introduced to Learning Management System (LMS), which helps students learn about various components of employability like Aptitude, Employment documentation, Group discussions, Self-Assessment and PI.

Phase II involves lectures by tenured trainers on various topics of employability like Qualities of a good professional, Art of Building Credibility, Effective Communication etc.

Phase III involves one on one’s with students where they were given feedback on their Introduction, CV, Video CV, Internship presentation and answers to HR/ Behavioural FAQs that were prepared by them before commencement of Phase III.

Phase IV involves online group discussions on Case Studies and various other topics. Students are given detailed feedback on their Verbal & Non-verbal communication, Leadership roles, Knowledge and Flexibility.

In Phase V, mock Interview are conducted with an objective of evaluating students on the various parameters mentioned above.

In Phase VI, students get company specific support like customization of their CV, Introduction, Internship presentation etc.

This training helps students improve their employability and the efficacy of the training is reflecting in the selections year on year.


The below table indicates the journey of the student while IMT helps the student to achieve his/ her Career goals:


The focused approach of IMT to shape the careers of its students has helped the students to an extremely large extent. The testimony to this is what are recruiters and alumni speak about IMT and their experiences. Here are a few of them:


“A bunch of vibrant and talented to-be leaders”


I thank IMT for the opportunity to connect with their bright students through the campus placement program. Essar’s recruitment team has successfully cherry-picked suitable candidates for the challenging cadre-building programs meant to further groom them into future leaders. The enthusiastic and sizable participation from the students made the entire recruitment process enjoyable yet meaningful. Priya Chakravarty, Head – Talent, Essar


Students are professional, smart and having in depth knowledge. Some of them are thoroughly consistent and the best part about them is honesty. They hardly hesitate to interact. FedEx is excited to take them and wishing them a long and fruitful career with us. – Jaideep Sen, HRS – Specialist, FedEx Express – Middle East,Indian Subcontinent & Africa.


IMT really gave me a good foundation for the transition to the business world, and it prepared me well for that. In IMT, the faculty members urge us to discuss on what we learn which helps in improving our communication skills and also gives us the confidence to speak our mind. -ABHISHEK MUKHERJEE, BATCH: 2013-15


I would say MBA is a 80:20 split, 20% is what you learn from lectures and subjects, and 80% would contribute to everything else apart from the classes and IMT had the perfect ratio balance. IMT is where the phrase “friends like family” literally takes shape, peer learning and the support offered becomes an integral part of daily life; this was the biggest takeaway from the two years. – RAAGHAV MURALIDHARAN, BATCH: 2017-19


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