CAT & XAT Toppers, Sports Champions reveal why they chose IMT Ghaziabad

Oct 6, 2022 | MBA Universe

IMT Ghaziabad, a top AACSB Accredited B-School, attracts toppers from CAT, XAT, GMAT to its flagship PGDM programme. interviewed CAT 2021 & XAT 2022 Toppers who scored high percentiles and were offered admission by IIMs, IITs, IIFT but preferred to join IMT Ghaziabad. IMT has also admitted candidates with international and national sports medal winners, students who have contributed in technical development of missiles among others. The preparation strategy shared by these toppers will help MBA aspirants to devise & improve preparation strategy for MBA entrance exams, how to decide on MBA admission interviewed some of such toppers studying in PGDM 2022-24 batch at IMT Ghaziabad. These indepth interviews will help our readers to know:

  • How to Prepare for CAT/XAT/GMAT?
  • What Preparation material should be used?
  • How to Prepare for VARC, DILR, QA?
  • What is the role of Mocks in Test Preparation?
  • Last Minute Tips for the Exam day
  • What should be the Test Taking Strategy?
  • How to prepare and present yourself in GD-PI round?
  • How to decide on MBA College for admission?

Before we start discussing about the MBA exams and the college decisions by these CAT & XAT toppers and now IMT Ghaziabad students, let’s first get to know them a little – who they are, where did they study, do they have work-experience and more. So here is a snapshot News Desk | October 6, 2022
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As now that you know the CAT/XAT toppers at IMT Ghaziabad, read on for their in depth interviews with

Rajvir Singh Chhabra: 98.38 Percentile in CAT 2021

A guitarist, football and cricket player, Rajvir Singh Chhabra, IMT Ghaziabad student of 2022-24 batch, is a graduate in civil engineering from GSITS Indore which is also his native place. Coming from a business family, doing MBA was his obvious choice. Rajveer cracked CAT 2021 with 98.38 percentile and cracked NMAT 2021 with a scaled score of 243. He was offered admission by IMT Ghaziabad, NMIMS Mumbai, IIM Amritsar, IIM Sirmaur and other top B-schools. However, IMT Ghaziabad was his first choice as he thinks that it will make his dream come true. Rajveer is of the view that self-study is most important and no coaching centre can do that for you.

Read all about Rajveer’s preparation strategy, his strengths and weaknesses, how he overcame them and why he preferred to join IMT Ghaziabad and declined the admission offers from other top B-schools

Q: Why did you decide to pursue an MBA program?
During my internships, I figured that my interest towards management roles was more than my interest in the core subjects that I had studied and figured that this was the best time to make the switch by pursuing an MBA Program. Due to my interest I decided to take this career path.

Q: How do the Academic & Gender Diversity help in MBA Program?
Gender & Academic Diversity play a very important role as they bring people of various backgrounds together to learn and grow. Peer to peer learning is a very important part of the MBA program and having people from different background helps in this process.

Q: What role do the Extra-curricular achievements play in admission process?
Extracurricular Achievements can surely enhance your profile as they show your interest apart from academics but they are not the deciding factor for your admission.

Q: Which were the MBA Entrance exams you prepared for?
A: I prepared for CAT and NMAT.

Q: Did you self-prepare or attend a coaching centre and why?
A: I attended a coaching centre as I wanted the material to study from and also wanted to give mock GDs and PIs to help me get fully prepared for the admission process. But the most important part during preparation is your self-study and nothing can beat that and no coaching centre can do that for you.

Q: Did you opt for Online coaching or class room coaching?
I had opted for the classroom coaching but due to COVID, most of the teaching happened online. Our classes happened 3 times a week during the CAT preparation phase which I thought were adequate enough and we also had a revision module along with mock tests. Apart from that, during the GD and PI phase apart from classes, you could schedule mock PIs as and when you preferred and GDs happened during classes.

Q: What was your overall preparation strategy for CAT?
My preparation strategy for CAT included completing all the course as given by my coaching institute and then focusing mainly on mock tests.

Q: Was there any particular section/area that you were weak at? How did you overcome this challenge?
Although I was not weak at Quantitative Ability but was not able to score marks that I expected during my initial mock tests. The main solution to overcoming this issue was finding my problem and that I found by analysing the tests. My major weakness was time management and as soon as I found that I started working on it through sectional tests.

Q: Please share your sectional preparation strategy for CAT?
My sectional Preparation strategy for VARC, DILR and Quant was:

For VARC: I prepared by solving 2 RCs and a few VA problems daily. Refining my strategy to attempt these problems was my main aim and I was able to do that with time and practice.

For DILR: DILR was my favourite section among the three and I enjoyed solving the problems. I prepared it by focusing on improving my time and on which sets to attempt out of the four given. I focused on attempting 3 out of 4 if there were 4 sets and if time remained went to the 4th set. I prepared by giving sectional tests towards the end.

For Quant: As previously stated I focused on time management. First, I completed the questions and the topics given to me by my institute. After becoming confident that I can easily attempt at least 10 questions, I started working on which questions to attempt and how to go through the section and allot my time to different types of questions.

Q: What role did Mocks play in your success? How many mocks did you attempt before the exam?
Mocks played a very major and significant part in my success. I focused completely on mocks during the final stages of my preparation in the last month before the exam. In total I gave around 25 mock tests excluding sectional tests. News Desk | October 6, 2022
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