Placement Report

The strength of any programme can be evaluated by the diversity of profile it offers to the recruiters to meet their hiring requirements. Their faith is IMT Ghaziabad is reflected in the diversity of roles that are available to the students.

IMT Ghaziabad has always had an excellent placement record and has performed consistently in this area. Unlike every year, the academic year 2020-21 was an unusual year, with the Covid 19 pandemic sweeping the whole world like a storm, each industry each sector grappled and mobilized resources to combat it. However, this did not weaken our efforts, with utmost agility and commitment we were able to navigate through the rough terrain of hiring freeze and lockdowns due to the pandemic. The whole placement process went virtual and we saw the campus only virtually visited by our regular recruiters but also by more than a 100 new companies.

We saw industries across all sectors recruiting this year as well. While the highest offer was of INR 29.32 Lakhs per annum and the overall average of the entire class was INR 12.42 Lakhs per annum. 41 students had PPOs from leading companies on the basis of their performance during summer internship.



The batch received job offers from the sectors such as Analytics, Automobile, BFSI, Consulting, E-Commerce, FMCD, FMCG, Pharma & Healthcare, IT/ITES, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media/ Entertainment, EdTech.  etc.

List Of Participating Companies

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