IMT Ghaziabad alumnus Nishu Tripathy chose “diamond” to shine bright

NishuTripathi, Founder Director, Anaira, Batch of 1998- 2000

It’s the tailend of September. With the festivities around the corner, there is a skip in every woman’s gait, and a song in her heart. October throws open the floodgates to endless shopping, with Dusshehra and Dhanteras building up to a glitter Diwali, followed by the lavish wedding season, and rounded off by the Christmas extravaganza and a sparkling New Year!

It is the time of the year when a new star attraction emerges, and this year it is undoubtedly Anaira – the next big thing in diamond jewellery. The woman behind this sprawling,1000-Sq. ft., one-stop diamond-destination in uptown Saket is Nishu Tripathi, one of the most ‘lustrous’ alumni of IMT Ghaziabad’s batch of 2000.

“Ever since opening in 2010, the ‘Anaira’ brand of diamond jewellery has grown exponentially,” says Nishu Tripathi.“Today it is available in 15 outlets across the NCR, and we thought it was the right time to open the exclusive Anaira store.”

The glamorous opening ceremony of the first exclusive Anaira diamond store was on the 27thof September 2012, with the beautiful Miss India-Earth 2011, Hasleen Kaur, doing the honours.

“I’m delighted to be at the opening of Anaira’s exclusive diamond store,” said Hasleen Kaur. “The brand has introduced some of the finest contemporary diamond jewellery in the Indian market. The designs lift your mood no matter what you’re wearing.”

Nishu, who started Anaira after 10 years of successfully executing sales for brands like Swarovski and Swatch, believes she owes her success to the basics taught at IMT Ghaziabad.

“Nothing succeeds like sales! When your team sees you selling things, ensuring delivery and tackling issues, they are motivated and perform as well. When you’re selling, everything else falls into place. While the MNCs taught me a structured way of launching and selling products in the market, I owe my love for functioning in an organised manner and handling pressure to IMT Ghaziabad. As they say, ‘when the roots are stronger, the tree grows greener’. My roots are in IMT Ghaziabad; that’s why this tree is growing strong and steadily now.”

Nishu Tripathi believes that she learnt a lot from events organised by students back at her B-school. On being asked to name the most influential one, pat came the reply- ‘Passion’ – the IMT Ghaziabad annual fest – especially the power of sleepless nights.

“I remember all the hard work and struggle; we used to be up all night doing our work and assignments. We actually learnt how to take on stress and pressure, and how to handle it with confidence, from IMT Ghaziabad. With events like ‘Passion’, you learn the value of sleepless nights when it comes to practicing, and performing the morning next day. We were ready to face the world of struggle, survival and come out wining through processes like that.”

Back at IMT Ghaziabad, student managers are making elaborate plans for a look-see at the new centre of attraction.

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