MBA Vs PGDM – A better career choice

As the CAT, MAT, XAT season approaches, the dilemma for the aspirants looking for management program continues as MBA or PGDM? And, choosing between MBA and PGDM is an ongoing discussion. Many people may feel that both these courses are quite similar and provide similar opportunities to the candidate, but in actual this is not the case. MBA and PGDM are the management programs which are quite different in pedagogy, curriculum, orientations, and more.

MBA degree Vs PGDM course is a burning question among students which often complicates their decision making power. This happens because the management aspirants are not aware of the similarities and differences between both these programs.

IMT Ghaziabad is consistently ranked among top business schools in India for the quality management programs offered. We offer the best PGDM course providing ample opportunities for the students to work well in their professional field. Now, you might be wondering which course to choose among MBA and PGDM?

Read on to find out what sets MBA apart from PGDM:

When it comes to pursuing management education after graduation, there are two courses basically in management i.e. MBA and PGDM. While these two terms are used by some students or B-schools interchangeably, there is a huge difference between both. The degree or certificate offered after completion of the program is also different. MBA is termed as Master in Business Administration and this is a degree program while on the other hand, PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management which is a diploma course.

Type of institutes
As both these courses are concerned with management education then what is the difference between two? This is because, according to the current education system only universities and affiliated institutions have the power to award degrees and on the other hand, PGDM is a diploma program and can be awarded by autonomous institutions registered with AICTE.

Let’s understand it with an example, Faculty of Management Science is the management institute in Delhi affiliated to Delhi University that can award MBA degree, but IMT  is one of the best MBA institutes in Ghaziabad which works as an autonomous body that can only award PGDM.

Academic orientation

Another interesting differentiator between MBA and PGDM course is the academic orientation of these programs. As mentioned earlier, MBA degrees are awarded by universities which means that the academic orientation and syllabus of this program is managed by the university. The syllabus of the degree program cannot be upgraded easily and even the academic orientation is theoretical by nature.  And, on the other hand, PGDM programs are offered by autonomous bodies and they set their syllabus on their own as per industry standards. Our PGDM course is more practical and contemporary in nature.  While on the other side, MBA degree is theoretical in nature and focuses on traditional business approaches.

Fee structure
The affordability factor is another important difference between these courses. MBA degrees are offered by universities and their fee is much lower as the education is subsidized by the government. The fee may be higher for private colleges or universities. But on the other hand, PGDM programs are offered by autonomous institutions and their fees are much higher comparatively to government aided institutes.

Both these programs have their own advantages and benefits. We at IMT in Ghaziabad offers the industry-oriented PGDM program thoughtfully planned to meet the global business industry. So, if you are planning to take up management education as a career, consider the above factors before making a final call.

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