MBA Marketing vs MBA Finance: What must you choose?

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a cosmopolitan and internationally recognized degree which helps in drafting the skills required for skilled careers in marketing and finance. The financial worth of the MBA, however, is not limited stringently to the business world but it also an eye-catching career for those pursuing an organizational career in the public, government, private sector, etc. The MBA is currently the most prominent professional degree program in the world. Choosing top ranked B school in India provide you with well-balanced skills, mindset, and spirit to succeed as the leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators of the future.

MBA in Marketing:

MBA in Marketing has become one of the most inclined degrees by both students and employees in recent past years. In the world of globalization and with the deflection of digital and online marketing, most businesses now have their own marketing teams pursuing extensively in bringing traffic and customers to the company. Marketing is the heart of any organization. MBA in Marketing specifically designed to instruct students everything about marketing-especially how to take thoughtful marketing decisions associated with advertising, public relations, etc. In this course, students learn about different precepts of Marketing including Digital marketing, customer relationship management, marketing Analytics, market-oriented strategy planning, consumer behavior as well as international marketing.

MBA in Finance:

MBA in Finance focuses predominantly on the financial aspect of business and management. Its objective is to guide and instruct students on how to make sound financial decisions for companies and organizations. In this occupation, there are unique designed finance courses that educate students on the different ways of achieving, managing and distributing funds in a corporate setting. The course module includes Finance, Economics, Budgeting, Financial Accounting, Derivatives Management, Financial Risk Management, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Business Accounting, and International Business, to name a few. It also enhances your in-depth knowledge of Finance and related fields which also develop your further skills including data analysis and financial accounting.

These are the questions you should ask yourself before opting for these two specialized courses in MBA:

  • What is your key area of interest?
  • Your educational background and work experience in a specific field.
  • What are the outcomes you are expecting after earning an MBA Degree

MBA in Finance VS MBA in Marketing:

     Basis Finance Marketing
Technical Skill Set Commerce background preferable

Penchant for numbers,

Stock-market awareness

Knowledge of Financial Instrument

Know-how of financial statements etc.

Expertise of MS Excel, Telly

Knowledge of marketing strategies

Ability to conduct SWOT analysis

Aggressive approach to sell/persuade/communicate with customers

Comprehensive understanding of target customers

Personal Skill Set Analytical skills,

Problem-solving mind,

Statistics oriented approach,

Inquisitive mind,

Meticulous researcher

Cautious in taking risk

Creative Ideas

Out-of-the-box thinking

Exceptional communication skills (Soft Skills)

Critical Thinking

Agility for learning technology

Result/Target Oriented

Power to persuade


Curriculum Portfolio Management, Hedge Funds, International Financial Markets, Insurance Management, Financial Institutions and Markets Brand Management, Customer Relationship Management, International Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Digital Marketing, Retail Management, Marketing Research
Career Path Accountant


Tax Planner

Investment Banker,

Estate Planner

Assistant Manager



General Manager

Chief Financial Officer

Sales Associate

Customer Relationship Executive

Market Research Analyst

Media Planner

Brand Manager

Product Manager

Corporate Sales Head

Regional Manager

Digital Marketing Head

General Manager

Chief Marketing Officer

Scope of Job Banking Industry,

Stock Market

Mutual Fund Industry

Insurance Sector




Retail Industry




Digital (Content) Marketing

Business Analytics

Hospitality Industry

Advertising Industry

Nature of Job Risk-oriented,


Profitability oriented

Facts and forecast based

Reasoning based

Involves financial bearing


Innovation in running campaigns

Content Oriented

Reputation/Image oriented

Positive outlook

Enthusiasm and zeal for selling

Top Professionals to follow Theodore Levitt (professor at Harvard Business School)

C K Prahalad (Originator of Bottom of the Pyramid)

Nandan Nilekani (Chairman – Infosys)

Sachin and Binny Bansal (Flipkart)

Bala Balachandran (Great Lakes Institute of Management)

Amartya Sen (Nobel Prize winner in Economics)

Raghuram Rajan (RBI Governor)

Chanda Kochhar (CEO & MD – ICICI bank), Vikram Pandit (Indian-born American banker)

Azim Premji (Chairman – Wipro)

Finding top rank B schools in India is the most challenging part for most of the students. Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (IMT) is one such most premier and recognizable institutes for MBA in Marketing and MBA in Finance, mainly focuses on grooming and educating young minds, enhancing their leadership quality through innovation, execution and social responsibility.

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