Manu Jain’s start-up gives MBA aspirants a better refuge!

Date :  December 29, 2016

Today, technology has explored every aspect of life. There is much to learn and more to assimilate and internet is the facilitator of profound knowledge. When it comes to modern day education, everything that can be simplified has been made simpler by technology itself. One such branch of education in India is ‘management’. A branch where sound decision making skills matter from the very beginning to the end. There are over thousand B-schools providing top class exposure to managerial education. But, whilst aiming for an admission to a B-school, the problem arises in the selection and categorical decisions.

By using an advanced scientific algorithm, Manu Jain (PGDM, MBA in Marketing 2014-2016) of IMT Ghaziabad, derived an idea of building a model that helps and assist candidates in their decisions before opting for a dream MBA College. His idea led him to co-find a start-up called “”. The information provided by his education portal is based on the data provided by an aspirant and not on denominate techniques. This differentiates his educational website from the other players in the industry who provides irrelevant information which is futile for a student before making an eventual choice.

Admito gives an algorithm that provides the most accurate and punitive information about the choices one has before selecting a college. Admito assists its users in the areas of profiling, information processing and subject-related counselling. The platform is free of cost and is widely preferred by management aspirants.

Admito is a strong community of 10,000+ aspirants and continues to inspire educational start-ups about the need of rejuvenation and recreation for their business models using technology.

Admito was felicitated with ‘Best IT Start-Up’ in 2015 by CSI Ghaziabad.

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