Varun Dawar

Varun Dawar

Assistant Professor

Area: Finance

PhD Finance
MBA Finance
UGC NET Qualified

Financial Accounting, Business Valuation, Corporate Finance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Stock Markets, Security Analysis, Corporate Finance

Research and Publications

Selected Publications

Research Articles

• Dawar, V. (2015) – The Relative Predictive Ability of Earnings and Cash Flows: Evidence from Shariah Compliant Companies in India- Management Research Review (Emerald Publications), Volume 38, No.4.
• Dawar V., Arrawatia R., Misra A., (2015) “Bank competition and efficiency: empirical evidence from Indian market”, International Journal of Law and Management (Emerald Publications).
• Dawar, V. (2014) – Agency Theory, Capital Structure and Firm Performance: Some Indian Evidence – Managerial Finance (Emerald Publications)
• Dawar, V. (2014) – Earnings Persistence and Stock Prices: Empirical Evidence from an Emerging Market- Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting (Emerald Publications)
• Dawar, V. (2013) – Dividends, Debt and Investment: Impact on Stock Prices-Evidence from India- Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation (Sage Publications)
• Dawar, V. (2013)- Pricing and Persistence of Accruals and Cash Flows: Evidence from Indian Midcap Companies- The IUP Journal of Accounting Research and Audit Practices

Text Books

• Corporate Finance. New Delhi: Prentice Hall India (PHI) Company Limited, 2016. 560 p (Co-Authored With Dr NL Ahuja and Dr Rakesh Arrawatia)
• Financial Accounting & Analysis. New Delhi: Taxmann Publishing Company Limited, 2015. 544 p (Co-Authored With Dr NL Ahuja)

Cases Published

• “Portfolio Diversification Enigma” Product Number – 9B14N031 – Ivey Publishing with teaching note (2014)
• “Apollo Tyres: Investment Decision Dilemma” Product Number – 9B14N032 – Ivey Publishing with teaching note (2014)
• “IndusInd Bank: Residual Income Valuation” – 9B16N015- Ivey Publishing with teaching note (2015)
• “TTK Prestige: Economic Value Added Analysis” – 9B16N062- Ivey Publishing with teaching note (2016)
• “Pidilite Industries: Assessing Credit Quality”- 9B16B019- Ivey Publishing with teaching note (2016)
• “Federal Bank: Dividend Discount Valuation” – 9B17N005- Ivey Publishing with teaching note (2016)


Academic Experience
Assistant Professor, IMT Ghaziabad, 2013-till date
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