Sudhanshu Rai

Sudhanshu Rai


Area: Strategy Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SIE)
DOJ: 06-09-2019

Brief Profile

Sudhanshu Rai is currently an Associate Professor of innovation in emerging economies, Copenhagen Business School. He is working on two aligned but separate projects, the Nature of Indian innovation which seeks to understand innovation in India from a non-industrial production systems perspective. In this project he explores how traditional industries have continued to innovate to survive in the world, how they have adopted new technology and managed to improve and enhance their traditional skill base. Non-Industrial production systems are thriving and well according to Sudhanshu. His second research project is the Mind science in society for innovation, which seeks to understand the role of meditation and contemplation on innovation, a neurological perspective. Through this project Sudhanshu aims to explore the link between meditative and contemplative techniques and innovative intent, for more information on these projects go to his blog, He also organizes the Mind, Meditation and Innovation conference to disseminate the research findings from this field. In the past his research projects were the co-creation of Innovation project, co-creation of social entrepreneurship project, He is an entrepreneur in his own right and the founder of iVATION Consulting. His other research areas are innovation in emerging economies, Co-creation of innovation, Entrepreneurship, Institutional logics, Indian reasoning, and Knowledge management. He has several research publications and contributions to chapters in several books.

At the Copenhagen Business School he teaches several Masters and undergraduate courses. At the masters level he has taught, Knowledge Management, IT as a resource, ICT in developing countries, Project management, Co-creating experience based innovation, etc. Currently he is responcable for three Master level courses, a) Innovation in flux, an emerging economy perspective on innovation. b) Shoes for the cobblers children, how to build business models, c) Landscape of the visionary, using contemplative techniques for innovative thinking.

 Sudhanshu sits on several boards. His recent appointment to the Academic advisory board for the National institute of Medium, Small Micro Enterprises 2018, has acknowledged his international stature in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging economies. He also is on the board of Lauria University for applied science, Finland  and on the academic advisory board for DCAC, (Danish Consortium for Academic Craftsmanship) are testimonies of his experience in advising academic institutions for achieving excellence. Sudhanshu has led several large EU funded projects, for instance he coordinated the Euro-India project which mapped India’s innovative potential and collaborative capacity. This project provided a robust and basic understanding of where Indian firms stand on technology innovation and the role of consultants during the innovative process. Today his work is used as a base line for Indian related policy making at a micro level. He also coordinated the EU-Asia project that sought to raise the livelihood of entrepreneurs in China, Vietnam, and Philippians


Prof. Rai has a Ph.D. degree  in Information System “Exploring the internal dynamics of teams during user analysis and design – A tension-based model “where process is the objective” and MSc in Economics, from the  Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, MSc in International Economics Banking and Finance; Cardiff Business School, University of Wales, UK and a B.A. honours degree in Economics, Bangalore University, India.


Executive Director – Systems Design for Trust4Health Ltd., New Delhi, India August 1996 to March 1997. Here I was responsible for developing the first online insurance platform that integrated the insurance companies, with the hospitals and government agencies.
Senior Economist the Tata Economic Consultancy Services; 1997 to 1998, Worked on economic strategies for economic development in India.

Research Interests

Prof. Rai’s research areas are innovation in emerging economies, Co-creation of innovation, Entrepreneurship, Institutional logics, Indian reasoning, and Knowledge management.

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